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How To Send at Once 100 Messages on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, it seems to be impossible to send numerous messages. Additionally, WhatsApp does not offer the ability to message a contact many times at once. However, people can believe that they can send a message up to 100 times by utilizing any third-party app.

Avoid sending too many WhatsApp messages all at once. Because neither WhatsApp’s terms of service nor its privacy policies provide for it. So put your curiosity aside. Other than that, avoid looking for any outside applications. since there isn’t a comparable application available on Google Store.

People are using Google to look up the same topic. You’re not the only one who wants to put off finding a solution, so don’t worry. There is no real solution to the problem. The reason behind WhatsApp’s stringent policies is that the firm wants to turn the service into a secure communications platform. You can’t send a message, and neither can anybody else for whatever reason. The privacy and policy of The Meta Company are clear in stating that it is user-vulnerable.

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Can I send many messages at once on WhatsApp?

If you want to send a message to the same person multiple times, this can’t be done. So the direct answer to this question is no. The user has no chance to send a message more than one time to the same person. But using a third-party app can done it for us. So in this article we will utilize an app to send a message multiple times.

What is WhatsApp’s broadcast? How to use it.

Broadcast is part of WhatsApp’s features. With the help of this feature a message can be sent at once to more then 200 users. Everyone who has a whatsapp application installed can create a broadcast list. Once you have created the broadcast list then you can add more then two hundred whatsapp users to this list.

Below I have wrote in detail on how to create and add members to the broad cast list.

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Here is how to create a broadcast list.

1. Here are a few straightforward steps to create a broadcast list

2. Go to WhatsApp on mobile through its official application and on the desktop through its website.

3. And then click on the three vertical lines from the top right corner. A pop-up screen will

appear. Click on the broadcast from the list

4. Now choose whom you want to add to the broadcast list.

5. Once you select the members click on the tick sign to create the list.

6. Once the list is created then you can find the broadcast list in your chat list.

7. Now you can send texts to the recipients and also can share media.


create a broadcast list in WhatsApp

How To Change Broadcast List Name ?

Have a look here. You would like to know how to change the broadcast list name. Whenever, you want you can change the the group name easily. below are the few steps that will help you while chaging list name.

1 Select the list you want to change it’s name. Then from the top right corner tap on the three dot horizontal line.

2 Now again tap on the three dot line from the top right. Then tap on change broadcast list name. Now enter the new name.

How to send at once 100 messages on WhatsApp

. This is a short video on how to send a repeated message on WhatsApp.

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Some third-party apps can send repeated messages. Dozens of applications you can find on the google play store. “WhatsApp text repeater” is one of them. So we will use it to send a message again and again to any of our contacts on WhatsApp.

  • First of all, you have to download the app. Download the app by navigating to the google play store.
  • Open the app and then click on the repeated text.
  • Type the text you want to send to the recipient.
  • Instruct the app how many times you want your text to be sent.
  • Edit text settings.
  •  Click on the generate text and then click on the share option.
  • In the very last option select to whom you want to send the repeated text.
  • That’s all.


send 100 messages at once on WhatsApp

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How to Send 1000 Messages at Once On WhatsApp?

The method you have learned above is to send a message 100 times repeatedly on WhatsApp. The same method you can apply to send a message 1000 times on WhatsApp. So you have to go through the same process. See the step-by-step instruction below.

. Open the text repeater app.

. Tap on the repeated text.

. Insert the text you want to send.

. How many times do you want to send the text? Mention in the repetition box.

. Now tap on Generate.

. Then tap on the share symbol.

. Now select WhatsApp from the list of apps.

. Then select the recipient to whom you want to send repeated text messages.

. The last step. Just tap on the send symbol. That’s done.


I hope that you have learned how to send at once 100 messages and 1000 messages on WhatsApp. And also I wish that this content has fulfilled your requirements. So if you have found the article useful. Then share it with your friends and others on social media.

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