10 Best Free AI Tools List Online – You Must Know in 2024

I found the best free AI tools list online of the year, like AI that generates as you draw, AI that makes any image come to life and even AI that turns your voice into an instrument.

It’s mind-blowing what you can do with all these new free AI tools, so let me blow your mind. Remember that you can use all these AI tools on a phone, a computer, or even a tablet. So just pick one.

10 Best Free AI Tools List Online which You Must Know in 2024

Best Free AI Tools List Online – Leonardo AI

For the first AI tool, we like to introduce Leonardo AI. So one of the 10 best free AI tools list online is Leonardo AI.

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Leonardo AI is one of the best free AI tools list online. Leonardo AI is art generator.

Once inside the website, it’s super easy to start using. Just by tapping on “launch app,” and on the left-hand side, they have this new real-time canvas tool. Basically, how it works is the box on the left is a canvas where you can draw what you’d like the AI to generate. And don’t worry, your artwork can be pretty bad. But here’s where it gets mind-blowing. Because, now I can type in what I’d like to see, and as I type, the AI will generate the artwork straight away, which is crazy.

Then you can even pick the exact art style you’d like it in, whether that’s cinematic, photographic, fantasy art, sketch, or dynamic art. There are so many different options to choose from.

Moreover, there’s even this instant refine option, which once you press it, makes your artwork look 10 times better.

But what is even crazier about Leonardo is under image generation. If you go ahead and type in the prompt box to generate an image like a portrait of metal robots in the Victorian era wearing a crown and trees in the background, not only will it generate some incredible options, but once you hover over it, you’ll see this new option to generate motion video.

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You can adjust the strength of how much motion you’d like to see in the video. And once you’re happy, just click generate, and in a couple of seconds, it produces this incredible moving AI that looks so realistic and is pretty high quality. This is just so much fun, and you can get stuck in it for hours.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – Runway ml

So imagine you had a paintbrush that could magically make pictures come alive. Well, you can actually do that using this AI tool called Runway ml.

This free AI tool has gotten some cool new features since we last checked it. So once you’ve logged in using your Google account, if you select the text-to-video option, you’ll find a brand new tool called Motion Brush. All you have to do is drag and drop in any photo or picture you have or like.

I got this picture of a bird. Then what you do is paint over the areas you’d like to bring to life. So I wanted the entire bird to move, so I painted over the whole thing. But you could do the background instead if you wanted.

Now all you do is actually adjust the motion by using these sliders. You can move them left or right, up and down, and even zoom in and out. But once you’re all done, just click save, then click generate, and in a few minutes, your photo will literally come to life, which is just so freaking cool.

And this works on pretty much any picture. Just use the brush on whatever it is you’d like to animate and let the AI do its magic. I also noticed this works really well with elements like fire and water. It looks incredible with animals and really understands their movement.

Moreover, you can even use selfies, which is just crazy to me. And almost any landscape looks incredible. So basically, just go mad and see how far you can push it.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – HeyGen

So this next app is something totally new to the AI world. It’s called HeyGen, and it’s been blowing people’s minds. HeyGen is one of the best free AI Tools list online for video creation.

HeyGen AI is actually totally free to try out, and all you have to do is log in, again using your Google account. Then head over to the video translate section. Now you just got to take a video of yourself talking. It could be around 30 seconds or if you want, you can make it even longer.

Then it’s time to take that video and drag and drop it into this upload box. Then what you can do is from this list of languages, you can choose something like French, for example. And if you click on translate, it’ll then take that video and automatically translate it for you.

HeyGen AI has over 29 different languages including all the popular ones. I mean this opens up so many possibilities for people all over the world to better understand each other.

Imagine that one day HeyGen AI gets so good that people talking to you will instantly be translated through your glasses that would be insane.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – Musicfy

So, this next AI tool is one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and it’s called Musicfy.

If you need a tool for music stuff, Musicfy is one of the best free AI tools list online for it. Once you’ve loaded it up, click on “get started,” and in the corner, just make sure you log in using your Google account. And don’t worry, Musicfy‘s totally free to use.

Then, once you’ve logged in, all you have to do is change to instrumentals and select the instrument you’d like to use, like an electric guitar. And then, this is where things get really funny. You’ll have to press record, and please don’t laugh, but then you’ll need to literally make a sound like a guitar, something like this.

Moreover, once you’re done, just click remix, and the AI will turn your voice into the instrument that you have selected, which sounds so cool. You can also add some rhythm guitar or throw in a little bass and even add some Harmony guitar chords.

When you’re all done and add that together, you get free music, which I mean, all this without any instruments, just AI and your voice.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – llElevenLabs

llElevenLabs is one of the best free AI tools when it comes to AI voice. So, AI voices have been around for a while now, but llElevenLabs has come up with something that is totally changing the AI voice game.

To use llElevenLabs free AI tools online just sign into it using your Google account, and again, this one is free to start using.

Once you’re in, you’ll see the brand-new speech-to-speech option. Once you’ve selected it, you can then pick from one of 11 Lab’s pre-made voices, like Giovani, for example. Remember that llElevenLabs has many best free AI tools for many purposes and other 29 different languages.

Then, what you do once you’ve picked a voice is click on this record button and basically say whatever it is you’d like into the microphone using expression. And when you’re done recording, just click on generate.

The AI will then take your voice and in just a few seconds, transform it into the voice that you picked. So, if you wanted to, you could sound like a distinguished gentleman or like an animated character with a bit of a squeaky voice or like someone who whispers because they’re afraid of the shouting.

And because you can also train llElevenLabs voices to sound like any other character you’d like, your options are pretty much limitless.

Just imagine you can upgrade your voice to a totally different one with just the click of a button. I mean, talk about crazy stuff.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – Misgif

Now, this next AI tool misgif though is one of the best free AI tools list online and is absolutely hilarious. Within Chrome, all you have to search for is

Once you’re in the site, as you scroll down, you’ll see a list of super popular gifs. Or if you don’t like any of the options, you can also search for your own one, like “Black Widow,” for example, which of course will bring up a whole bunch of different options.

However, once you found the gif you like, just hit on the browse button under it, and here, look for a photo of yourself or better yet, choose one of a friend. And once you found it, tap on “let’s face swap”.

After a few seconds, the AI will generate a hilarious face swap GIF, which, let’s not lie, does such a damn good job at making it look real. And the crazy thing is that all of this is absolutely free. Once you’ve signed in, you pretty much get unlimited generations, which is honestly kind of perfect for sending to your friends as a joke. I guarantee if you send them a face swap GIF of yourself, you’ll get a pretty crazy response.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – ChatGPT

So by now, we should all know about ChatGPT and how it kickstarted the AI Revolution. Though we all know that ChatGPT is one of the best free AI tools list online but it was not as good as now.

ChatGPT had a massive update recently, where you can now make your own AI with it, specifically an entire AI clone of yourself.

To make your own AI, you’ll need to go inside the new explore section, where right at the top, you’ll see this “create a GPT” option. Once you click on it, a new window will open, and this is where all the magic happens.

You’ll see that you have two text boxes on either side of the screen, and the text box on the left is where you create your AI by giving it parameters that teach it what you would like it to do. And the text box to the right is where you can now literally start testing the AI as you create it.

So what I decided to do was actually make an AI clone of myself by giving it a picture of how I look, calling it “haes,” teaching it how I write and talk, what music I like to listen to, what my job is, and all that jazz. And now I can use this AI clone to do pretty much anything for me, like answer my emails. All I have to do is just copy and paste an email, and in just a few seconds, he’ll whip up a response to it based on how I would reply.

So not only can you use this for creating like a second brain, but there are so many other unlimited options you can do with this. And I just love how it even signs off like me. But what’s literally mind-blowing about this is that you can keep teaching it more and more so that it makes a better clone, which is so scary but also kind of cool.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – ROOM AI

So AI clones of yourself are definitely cool, but if you head on over to with this tool, you can actually use AI to redecorate your entire house.

To start using it, all you have to do is log in using your Google account. And once you’re in, it’ll take you to this page where instead of generating a new AI room, just select “restyle.”

Now using this upload box over here, you can either select a picture from your gallery or actually take a picture of your lounge, kitchen, or bathroom. Once you’ve uploaded your room, you can then scroll down to styles and pick exactly what design style you’d like.

You have a whole bunch of different ones to choose from like rustic or Victorian, even psychedelic or post-apocalyptic to see how your room would look like if it was completely run down.

But then once you’ve chosen a style, you can then also choose a color palette for your redesign. And if you scroll down a bit more, you’ll see a few other options you can play around with.

But then just click on the “restyle image” button, and in just a few seconds, it’ll completely transform your room based on the different styles and colors you chose. It’ll change the paint color of your walls, the design colors, furniture, and decor, and it’s just such a cool way to get ideas on how to style your space.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – MyLens

Now, this AI tool is called MyLens. And it combines AI and history to make a really sick AI tool. MyLens is super simple to use and it is one of the best free AI tools list online in 2024.

All you have to do is ask it for the history of anything, like YouTube, for example. Then just click on the “create timeline” button, and it’ll start creating a timeline for you of YouTube’s entire history and pretty much everything that happened to make it what it is today.

You can do this with just about anything, like Twitter, for example, Samsung or Apple, and it’ll always narrow down the most important historical points for you.

And if you ever want to save these timelines, you can just click on the download button, which honestly is just so nifty. And if you’re wondering about how accurate it is, well, I asked it to give me a timeline of the Hailes World YouTube channel, and somehow it did actually manage to do a pretty accurate job. And safe to say, that I was impressed.

Best Free AI Tools List Online – ClipDrop

Now onto what’s possibly the coolest AI tool I’ve used in a while and one of the best free AI tools list online. It’s called ClipDrop it’s totally free.

You’ll find something brand new in it called “swap.” How it works is you just need to drag and drop any image into this box, like the Mona Lisa, for example. Then clip drops AI will detect any faces in the picture, like Mona Lisa’s face.

But then to replace it, just click on the blue circle and go ahead and select a picture of yourself, or even better, you could use a picture of a friend. The clipdrop AI will then quickly learn your face and your expression while also learning the style and design of the main picture’s face. And in a few seconds, it’ll combine both perfectly to replace the face in the picture with your own.

This literally blew my mind with just how well it worked. And I tested it on a couple of different things, like paintings and A to B, and it did such a good job every single time.

Additionally, you can use the arrows to quickly generate a few different options of how your face looks, which is also really handy and can give you a completely different result every time.

Honestly, it’s going to be an insane year for AI. There are so many new AI tools being released, and this was the 10 best free AI tools list online. So make sure you stick around for other ones. Feel free to comment down below on what you want to learn and your suggestions.

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