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How to Hide Story From Someone on Facebook- near techno

Facebook is the largest social networking platform. Where a lot of people connected with this network from all over the world. Through this app, every user can send messages, audio calls, and video calls. And also has many other features. You can add content to your news feed, like photos and videos. As well as images and videos you can add to your Facebook story. But before using Facebook`s any feature you must know how to customize its privacy. So by the end of this article, you will know, how to hide and unhide your story from someone on Facebook.

When Facebook introduces a feature. Also introduces privacy for that feature. It means that Facebook is serious about the privacy of its users. So that to some extent the user has control over the content that they upload on Facebook.

Any content you want to share, on your story. But you are willing to hide it from some users. I want to say that you are in the right place. Here in this article, I will tell you, how you can hide your stories from some specific users on Facebook.

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How to hide and unhide story on Facebook

So let’s do it.

—> First of all open Facebook. To open Facebook use its application or visit this site

—> Then sign to Facebook, If you already didn’t.

—> Now from Facebook click on the three horizontal lines from the top right corner.

—> Then click on the “setting & privacy”.

—> Now click on “setting” again.

How to hide and unhide your story from someone on Facebook
How to hide and unhide your story from someone on Facebook

—> Now scroll down, find out “stories” and then click on it.

—> Here we got four choices. The first choice concerns who can view our stories. For now leave the other three choices. because our topic is about first one. So click on it.

—> After you clicked on the first option. You gonna have more four options. These choices are public, friends, hide story from, and custom.

—> Public: If select this option, anyone who use Facebook can view your story. For your privacy don`t select this one.

—> Friends: Unlike the public option, not every one can view but Anyone, whether you know them or not. They can view your story.

—> Custom: This option is also about allowing and disallowing people from viewing story.

Click on “hide story from”, and then from your friend list, select those ones to whom you don’t want to show your story.


I think you have learned how to hide and unmute story from people on Facebook. Because this article is not complicated. Everyone can easily understand it.

But again there is any problem, go straight to the comment box and tell us. We do our best to meet your expectation.

Thank you for reading this.

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