The 17 Best Android Launchers in 2022

17 Best Android Launchers in 2022 that have the full ability to customize the user’s home screen, app icon, font size, font color, etc.

Android-based smartphones are the most often used smartphones, despite the fact that iPhone devices are more popular. This is due to the lower cost of Android phones. People can also afford it. Furthermore, when compared to iPhones, Android phones offer more customization options.

One of the most popular instances is that you can discover dozens of applications for customizing your Android phone on the Google Play store. Themes-apps, widgets, wallpapers, keyboard wallpapers, ringtones, and so on are examples.

If you are tired of having the same theme on your phone and want something new? Then don’t worry because you will discover dozens of free themes apps for your phone in this page. Don’t be stingy. Continue reading until you find the greatest of them in this article.

Actually, after the installation and activation of a launcher. The appearance of the phone will be completely altered. Icons, fonts, and keyboards are examples. Every theme is unique. Each theme has a unique set of features. So in this blog post I have come up with 17 best Android launchers in 2022 for you.

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APUS Launcher | One of the Best Android Themes-apps

Reviews: 5 million. Downloads: Plus 100 million. Size: 24 MBs.

APUS Launcher: To get APUS, go to Google Play and search for the Apus Launcher. Once the download is complete, locate the theme in APUS. Hundreds of free themes are available in its theme store. Choose any theme that make you feel at ease. Then click on the theme to download it. When it has finished downloading, tap on it to activate it.

Not only themes, but also hundreds of live and 3D wallpapers, are available. So I’d say it’s the best app with the best combinations of themes and wallpapers.

APUS Launcher Themes

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C Launcher: Android’s Themes launcher

Downloads: 5 million. Size: 12 MB.

C Launcher: is a popular theme launcher that is used by millions of people. It is a quick, easy, and stylish launcher. So, are you ready to personalize your phone using C Launcher? This theme launcher provides you with a variety of unique themes, such as live, 3D, and HD wallpapers. You can also discover all of your installed and uninstalled applications in the theme store.

You can better manage your phone’s privacy using this launcher. which is the most significant. Lock and hide important applications to protect them. As a result, the C-launcher is a viable option.

C Launcher live wallpaper

CMM Launcher

Downloads: 10m+. Size: 17 MB.

CMM Launcher 2022: A launcher allows users to customize their phones the way they want. However, it is difficult to find a launcher that meets user recommendations. CMM Launcher is thus included in our list of the best Android launchers. Overall, this launcher is a good one. One of its best features is that it is extremely light. It also has a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, it consumes very few battery power and provides you with personalized web search options. Hide apps, customize fonts, double tap lock screen, one tap boost phone, and other features are also available. So those are the CMM Theme Launcher’s features.

Cmm amazing themes

Butterfly Launcher: The themes-apps

Downloads: 5m+. Size 12 MB

Butterfly Launcher is an excellent theme launcher. You can customize your phone however you want. It is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets. The Butterfly launcher also has a user-friendly interface. As a result, you won’t have any problems using it.

It is currently the best theme launcher. Especially for females. Girls prefer the themes and wallpapers provided by this launcher. So, if you’re a girl looking for the best theme launcher, so this launcher is for you.

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Magic Launcher Theme: Unlimited magical Themes

Downloads: 5M+. Size 14MB

Another excellent theme launcher on our list of the best theme launchers. You can switch from the traditional phone view to the magical launcher. The Magic Launcher includes a plethora of themes, live wallpapers, and HD wallpapers.

The Magic Theme Launcher, unlike other theme launchers, focuses on customizing phone icons. If you’re curious, you can view all of your app icons in a single design. In addition, the launcher includes a plethora of icon masks for all apps.

Magic Launcher Theme

Color Launcher – Live themes.

Downloads: 10 Million plus. Size: 19 MB.

Tired of seeing the same interface on your Android phone? Your answer is most likely yes. Don’t wait any longer. Get the Color Launcher, one of the best Android launchers. And use the great features of this free theme launcher to change the look of your phone.

With over 10,000 themes available Customized themes, HD wallpapers, 3D effects, new emojis, and smart management are all available with the colour launcher. It also makes your phone run faster and smoother. So don’t delay, download the launcher and enjoy stunning visual effects on your Android device. Color Launcher works with all Android phones and tablets.

Color Launcher - Live themes.

Blue Launcher for Android;

Downloads: 5 million-plus. Size: 13 MB.

If you want to experience different visual effects on your lock screen, Then the blue launcher is for you. This theme launcher is going to help you have a different look on your lock screen and have access to some of your apps on the lock screen. Furthermore, Blue Launcher enables you to have great privacy, like by locking and hiding your important apps, making your Android device more secure.

We all know that doing the same thing for a long time is boring. So let go of the traditional interface. And get this launcher for your phone and experience amazing themes with pretty blue colors.

Android launchers

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Launcher For Android.

Downloads: 5M+. Size: 8.3MB.

Are you sick of the same interface? If you answered yes, then let it go. Get the best theme launcher for your phone. You can also customize the phone right now. This launcher is simple to operate. On the home screen, there are no additional options. You will also be able to lock the home screen. This launcher now allows you to hide apps and app names.

Rolling icon: Themes Launcher

Have some fun with this theme launcher that moves. You can experience real-world physics with this launcher. This makes the launcher more appealing to everyone. The Rolling theme launcher includes a plethora of live and HD wallpapers.

Set live wallpaper as your home screen background and watch the icons move towards gravity. Icons collide and spark with each other as they move. So, if you want to try out all of the features, simply download the launcher and set a live wallpaper.

Android launchers

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Launcher Plus One.

Downloads: one million-plus. Size: 14 MB.

You can change the appearance of your home screen whenever you want. With the help of plus-one launcher theme apps, you can make your home screen look beautiful and fabulous. By changing themes, you can change the appearance of your phone every day. Simply go to PlusOne Themes’ store to find a new theme for your phone every day. Boost the phone, on the other hand, with a single tap. Customize your phone’s privacy settings. By hasping the phone and hiding the important apps.

Launcher 2022: One of the Best themes-apps

Downloads: 10 million+. Size: 12MB.

Launcher 2022 is a popular launcher among users. The developers included everything in this launcher to take the phone’s appearance to the next level. from the phone’s home screen to app hiding This launcher allows you to customize your phone from A to Z.

It is also very light and simple to use. The launcher has no effect on the performance of your device. If you are infected, you can speed up your phone with a single tap by closing apps that are running in the background for no apparent reason.

Strip Hi-tech Launcher 2022.

Downloads: 1 M. Size: 5MB

Strip, in comparison to other theming launchers, has concentrated on developing more widgets for Android phones. So you can make your phone’s interface more appealing by adding widgets. Strip hi-tech launcher 2022 includes widgets such as a clock, weather information, memory analyzer, music player, and battery widget.

Stirp also provides more than 100 HD wallpapers. So you’re not constrained. You can change the appearance of your phone on a daily basis. You can also use its “app looking” features to hide your apps. Both fingerprint and password authentication are available.

Android launchers

Doodle Launcher.

Downloads: one million. Size:7 MB

The Doodle launcher is another top trending launcher for Android phones in the current era. You can find a variety of unexpected features on Doodle Launcher. This launcher has a separate theme store where you can find dozens of free themes, wallpapers, and more. In addition, Doodle Launcher supports free keyboard themes..

We will never force you to use any of the launchers you find in our article. But we can guarantee you that these themed launchers are the best of all. and is being used widely by millions of users.

Android launchers

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Alpha Launcher.

Downloads: One million. Size: 14 MB.

You should not be concerned about your personnel information. Because the Alpha Launcher assured its users that the cookies would not be misused. So get it and take advantage of its features for a better experience. The Alpha has a number of features. Free themes, wallpapers, lock screen, lock app, hide app, and 4D themes are among the features available.

Furthermore, Alpha supports over 99 languages. They are currently working on adding about 23 more languages by the next update. So, if you find your native language in Alpha, you will have an easier time using it.

Love Launcher themes.

Downloads: 12MB. Size: 5m+.

The Love Launcher theme will work with you to decorate your phone’s interface with love themes. After activating this launcher, you will observe the change. Your wallpaper, icons, and other elements of your device will be fully customized.

Android launchers

iLauncher Theme (theming apps)

Downloads: 5M+. App size: 10 Mb.

iLuancher is built in this manner. If you activate it on your smartphone, it will look exactly like iOS. If you want the iPhone look on your Android device, this launcher is a must-have. This launcher also supports two types of control centers. One is by default, and the other is traditional. The launcher’s settings panel allows you to toggle between these two types of control centers.

You will also have access to hundreds of themes in the launcher’s theme store. As a result, you have a variety of themes to choose from. Other iLauncher features include lock screen, hiding apps, swiping up to open the app manager, double tapping the lock screen, and swiping down to access the control center.

Android launchers

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Go Launcher – Themes and Wallpapers

Downloads: 100m+. App size 49 MB.

Now you can utilize your phone with the Go launcher. This launcher offers you various customizing features. The features it offers are free, but the only issue is that the app contains ads. In addition, not only the Go launcher but all the apps on the Google Play store contain ads. So don’t get frustrated with the app due to its ads.

Go Launcher offers up to 1k+ free themes and wallpapers. And the app has some other features also. Like hiding apps, locking apps, and boosting phones. So get the app and start customizing your phone’s home screen and lock screen.


These are the best launchers among thousands of themed launchers. These launchers are fast, light, and easy to use. And there’s nothing wrong with using a launcher either. Also, some theme launchers can slow down the device and consume more power. But with the launchers that I have come up with in this article, you are saved from those problems.

So that was all about timing launchers. I hope that, with the help of this article, you have found the launcher that really suits your needs. One more thing: don’t worry about your personal data. Because the owners of these launchers have guaranteed their users’ that they will not misuse the cookies they collect.

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