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How to Block Unwanted spam Emails in Gmail

Email is also known as Electronic mail. It is the most professional way of sending messages. In 2017 the average number of sent mail per day was more than 200 billion. But till 2001 it was increased to an estimated number of 316 billion. But all of these emails are not useful except some of them. So in this article, I will explain for you, how block spam emails in Gmail?

The main purpose of the email is to be in touch with your friends and have constant communication with people and organizations. Not only this, but Email has many other usages also. So if you want to learn more about email and types of email then visit our detailed article. What is email.

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how to block spam emails in gmail

Can We Block/Stop Receiving Unwanted Spam Emails in Gmail?

Yes, absolutely we can do that. But before moving toward blocking the unwanted emails let’s know about what are the types of unwanted emails?

Spam emails are known as unwanted emails. Everyone who owns an email address may receive plenty of spam emails. These emails may offer you different kinds of products such as pills, goods, and other products. Below are the types of email spamming.

. Spam Ads Emailing:

Whenever receive an Email offering you to buy different kinds of products. Get to know that it is a spam ad email. These types of emails are unsolicited, but they can be real in some cases. As I said mostly these are spam emails.

. Chain letters Emailing spam:

Consider these types of emails as the most dangerous types of email spam. After receiving this spam email. The recipient may fall in dilemma. Because these types of messages or emails usually ask for charity and may warn you of a concern.

So what to do when you received such a spam email. I prefer you to ignore or delete the email immediately. And don’t forward it to any of your friends.

. Phishing Emails:

This is a type of email spam where the spammer tries to fraud the recipient. Such as trying to collect the recipient’s personal information like their credit card number etc. So if you don’t want to be a victim of such online fraud then just ignore these types of emails.

There are eleven types of phishing emails. That you might need to know.

. Malware warning Emailing:

Malware email is also known as malicious email. It is the type of email where the spammer sent a link to the receiver. So be careful of such links that your one click can give access to the spammer on your whole computer.

Hoaxes, money scams, and porn scams are the types of spam. Not only you but everyone receives such junk emails. If you want to be safe from this kind of fraud then simply ignore and don’t pay attention to them.

This is a small overview of what are spam emails. So I think that you have learned how to detect a spam email. And also how to protect from them.

How to Block Spam Emails in Gmail Using Computer?

Although there is no way to stop receiving spam emails. But here on this topic, I will tell you. How you can decrease receiving spam emails. And also how you can block the sender. So let’s do that.

Go to the browser and search for

You will see a menu on the left of your desktop screen. Scroll down and click on the spam emails. So from this option, you can detect spam emails.

how to block spam emails in gmail

Click on any email address you want to block.

Look at the top right corner of your screen.

Click on the three-dot vertical lines. Then you will see a drop-down list now click on delete to move to trash the selected email address.

If you want to delete every spam email individually then use this method. But if you want to delete many emails at a time. So for this matter, we have another option.

To delete many spam emails at once click on the square boxes and select emails that you want to delete. 

Benefits of Purgings Spam Emails From Your Gmail Account

The first benefits of deleting spam emails are that you can save your own self from hackers and other concerns.

The other benefits of deleting spam emails. You can decrease the usage of energy. But how can deletion of spam emails help the planet? An email is sized 75 kB. Daily billions of spam emails are being transmitted. About 75% of these emails are spam. So if you delete 10 emails every day from your email box. It means that you have reduced 3 grams of carbons.

Purging emails from your email box is not enough. You have to block the spammers and unsubscribe to the newsletters that you don’t read. 

The Conclusion:

So we get to the end. This was all about how to block spam emails in Gmail. Let me tell you one thing the same method you can use for purging spam emails on mobile also. Download the official application of Gmail and go through the same method.  

. If still, any question arise in your mind, please tell us in the comment box.

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