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Let’s find out the best Smartphone 2024 | A17 Pro vs 8 Gen 3 vs Dimensity 9300 vs Exynos 2400 vs Tensor!

Welcome to another Smartphone chipset comparison and review from NearTechno. In this article, we are trying to find out which smartphone has the most powerful chipset and which is the best smartphone 2024.

Here we will compare A17 Pro from iPhone 15 pro to 8 Gen 3 vs Dimensity 9300 vs Exynos 2400 vs Tensor!

Best Smartphone 2024 | A17 Pro vs 8 Gen 3 vs Dimensity 9300 vs Exynos 2400 vs Tensor

In 2024 companies released Meditech Dimensity 9300, Apple’s a17 Pro, Samsung Exynos 2400, and Google’s Tensor 3. You will need an amazing setup if you want to edit photos render 4K videos or play some hardcore CPU-intensive games.

To ensure these tests are as Fair as possible we’ve made sure all of the devices are charged to 100% battery capacity. With the help of a lux meter, all of the phones have been set to the same brightness level. We’ve also set the highest resolution possible, activated the game booster, and set the refresh rate to adaptive.

Let me remind you again that our goal is to find out which smartphone is the most powerful and which is the best smartphone 2024, the best Android phone 2024, best smartphone overall.

Wherever possible we will also be keeping track of the temperatures from start to finish. lastly, we do Take 5-minute breaks between some hardcore tasks to give the phone some
space to breathe.

Most Powerful Smartphone, Best Smartphone 2024, Best Android Phone 2024, And Best Smartphone Overall for Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is going to be our first task, one of the most handy programs developed by Adobe. It helps you import and comprehensively edit a large number of photos. It’s a really useful tool for us here at NearTechno, right so we wanted to go over the top. Here by first applying a preset to 50 JPEG and 50 raw files, it looks like quite a close competition but the winner is 8 gen 3 with 20 seconds followed by Exynos with just 1 second more.

Dimensity is a super close second at 22 seconds with the A7 Pro coming in with 50 seconds and lastly, we have the tensor with 54 seconds.

That was a pretty hectic start. All righty presets are applied so it is time to render. We can see the temperature slowly starting to creep up and up and up and I’ve always wondered if our extreme tests would cause any of the phones to overheat and crash but thankfully this hasn’t happened yet.

A17 pro inside the iPhone 15 pro completes the task first in just 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Next comes Dimensity with 4 minutes and 41 seconds. In third place is the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 with 6 minutes and 11 seconds followed by Exynos which finishes just 3 seconds later with 6 minutes and 14 seconds. Unfortunately, the Tensor comes in last place with a whole 10 minutes and 44 seconds.

That was a pretty nice test to finish up Lightroom and it is crazy that it took the Tensor so long to finish.

Most Powerful Smartphone, Best Smartphone 2024, Best Android Phone 2024, And Best Smartphone Overall for Adobe Rush

Now that we’re done with Lightroom we can move on to Adobe Rush. What can you do with rush you may ask. The answer is fairly simple. You can edit videos on your phone in quite an easy way. What we’ve done here is create a timeline with a 4K video which is just over 1 minute long. There are still issues with the Exynos chipset concerning this app as
it crashes and leaves us hanging shortly.

The race between the A7 Pro and Mediatech reached a conclusion as the former will land first place by finishing the task in 53 seconds. The latter in this case will take second place by coming in at 1 minute and 24 seconds. Snapdragon finished at 2 minutes and 23 seconds. Then we have the Tensor there also seemed to be a problem here which we didn’t experience in our previous tests. It took over an hour for the video to
render and we know that the Tensor 3 is not that slow. Perhaps it’s due to the latest update from Google because since then some apps haven’t been working as usual.

Most Powerful Smartphone, Best Smartphone 2024, Best Android Phone 2024, And Best Smartphone Overall for Kind Master

Next is Kind Master which is a free video editing app. We have also added some videos here and rendered the video in 4k. In this test, Dimensity renders the video in just 15 seconds followed by 8 gen 3 in 24 seconds. Samsung’s Exynos renders the video in 29 seconds. Tensor 3 needs 33 seconds and surprisingly the A7 Pro finishes in 46 seconds. So Dimensity wins here even if it was very close with 8 Gen 3. The Pixel and the iPhone have a lot of catching up to do here.

Most Powerful Smartphone, Best Smartphone 2024, Best Android Phone 2024, And Best Smartphone Overall for Microsoft Excel

Next in line is Microsoft Excel. 60,000 lines are present in this Excel file, and we’re seeing the results coming in super fast with A7 Pro readying the file for editing in only 6 seconds. Snapdragon and Mediatek get there in 10, Exynos in 11, and Tens are in 13 seconds. All the phones manage to lock this down in a short amount of time, and it just shows you how much companies have been able to stack computation in these small things over the years.

Most Powerful Smartphone, Best Smartphone 2024, Best Android Phone 2024, And Best Smartphone Overall for Playing Games

So now that we’ve seen performances in Lightroom Rush, Kind Masters, and Excel, let us have some fun and play. Before we started playing, we made sure performance or boost mode was on if the device had the option, and we ran an app that displayed some stats such as frames per second. Unfortunately, the app no longer works with the Pixel since the latest update, so it is not included in this test.

Here we try Bloons TD6, which is a standard tower defense game. The main point here is to see how quickly the frames per second drop on the respective smartphones. In a normal game, you will hardly notice any frames per-second drops, which is why we are exaggerating a little. We don’t just send a few units; we send thousands at once, and you can see how the phones start to struggle.

The A7 Pro drops from 60 frames per second to under 37 frames per second, the Dimensity drops to under 19 frames per second, the Exynos also drops to under 18 frames per second, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 drops to under 11 frames per second. It’s super strange why the Galaxy S24 Ultra performs worse than the Galaxy S24 Plus in this case, but I guess that’s just how it is, and we’re only showing you the results.

Best Smartphone 2024 and Most Powerful Smartphone for Geekbench

Let’s benchmark with Geekbench, a tool that not many might ask about but holds significant importance in evaluating device functionality and CPU performance. What sets Geekbench apart is its ability to simulate real-world usage scenarios, providing single-core and multi-core scores separately. This distinction is crucial as it allows for a deeper understanding of a device’s multitasking capabilities and overall performance.

In the realm of single-core scores, the A7 Pro takes the lead, followed closely by the 8 Gen 3, Dimensity, Exynos, and Tensar. Shifting the focus to multi-core scores, the A7 Pro maintains its dominance, closely trailed by the Dimensity, 8 Gen 3, Exynos, and Tensar. Notably, the performance gap between the Tensar and other chipsets is noteworthy.

Best Smartphone 2024 and Most Powerful Smartphone for AnTuTu

Moving on to AnTuTu, a benchmarking tool renowned for its ability to assess performance across Android and iOS platforms, despite inherent differences in kernel and development language. Here, the Dimensity chipset shines, surpassing the 2 million points mark, followed by Snapdragon and Exynos. The A7 Pro and Tensar secure their positions in the top five.

Best Smartphone 2024 and Most Powerful Smartphone for 3DMark

Moving to 3DMark, which offers insights into real-world gaming performance by estimating expected frame rates in popular games. This test is particularly relevant today, given the rising popularity of mobile gaming. In the Wildlife Extreme stress test, Snapdragon leads the pack, closely followed by Dimensity and Exynos. However, the A7 Pro’s performance in this test is somewhat underwhelming, while the Tensar trails behind.

These benchmarks not only provide valuable insights into device performance but also serve as a tool for comparison and decision-making when selecting a smartphone.

Best Smartphone 2024 and Most Powerful Smartphone for Geekbench ML

Introducing a newcomer to the Geekbench lineup: Geekbench ML. This innovative addition focuses on assessing your mobile device’s machine learning performance, offering insights into its readiness to handle the latest machine learning applications. Our test of choice, the MPU test, saw the A7 Pro leading the pack with nearly 6,000 points, leaving its competitors trailing far behind. While the Dimensity chipset secured the silver medal and Tensor the bronze, we encountered unexpected challenges with both Galaxy devices, prompting us to seek answers from the community.

Best Smartphone 2024 and Most Powerful Smartphone for GFXBench

Moving on to GFXBench, a comprehensive graphics benchmark that evaluates mobile performance with next-gen graphic features across platforms. In the Aztec Ruins test, Dimensity showcased top-notch performance, followed closely by Snapdragon and Tensor, with A7 Pro and Exynos bringing up the rear. Surprisingly, Tensor emerged victorious in the subsequent test, while Dimensity and Snapdragon followed suit. However, the A7 Pro found itself in an unexpected last place.


The best smartphone 2024 and the most powerful smartphone in the realm of video editing is the A7 Pro. The A7 Pro demonstrated its powers, leading the pack in Adobe Rush with an impressive rendering time of 53 seconds. Kind Master favored Dimensity, while A7 Pro excelled in XL balloons and Geekbench 6. Unfortunately, Exynos encountered an error during video export, hindering its performance.

Wrapping up the tests, 3D Mark highlighted Snapdragon’s performance, while Geekbench ML favored A7 Pro. GFXBench showcased Dimensity’s versatility, although Tensor stole the show in certain tests. Notably, the A7 Pro demonstrated efficient battery usage, preserving 78% of its charge.

As we conclude this exhaustive testing journey, we extend our gratitude for your support. If you found this article useful, don’t forget to visit our site for more informative articles. Until next time, take care!

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