What is Email? Types of E-mail | Advantages of Emails

The way of communication through electronic or exchange of information on a network is known as Email. The Email was invented in the 1970s. The first electronic message was sent by Ray Tomlinson and from him, the new era of communication was started.

This is the standard way of communication and is used by different categories in the world. For instance. Business holders, offices, organizations even common people. They use email to communicate with each other on daily basis to send and receive messages, audio, documents, and pictures, fast and accurately.

Do you know? How many emails are being transmitted per day? If not then I will tell you. In 2016, up to 200 billion emails were sent daily. But by 2021 the amount of sent emails are increased. It is estimated that daily more than 300 billion emails are being transmitted.

Today in this article we will learn about email, types of email, and the advantages of emails. So don’t skip the article, try to read till the end of the content.

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What is email?

Let’s have a look at what Email means. The Email is consist of two words. The letter stands for “electronic” and the word mail means a system through which we can transmit letters, and postcards, physically.

E-mail means an electronic system for sending messages worldwide. So, this system is available to every single person globally. The only thing which is required is to sign up for an email account and a device with an internet connection.

How to Create a Gmail Account?

It is easy to sign up for a Gmail account. Users can create a Gmail account using Gmail’s official app. And can also sign up using its website. Mobile users may already have an account so they don’t need to sign up.

To create an account on Gmail users have to fill in all the basic requirements. Such as your name, cell phone number, password and etc.

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Types of Email.

Different types of email platforms are available for users on server. These email platforms are free and users don’t need to pay for having to access them. It depends on users. Which one do they choose to use.

Below I have written in detail about some popular email platforms. As well as their usage and monthly active users.


Google mail is owned by Google and it is launched in 2004. With more than 1 billion active users Gmail is totally free. Users can store 15 GBs of mail.

Like other email platforms. Gmail also allows its users to send and receive emails worldwide. Sending mail at a time to multiple users is also possible. Users can access Gmail through its official application and web server.

Below is the picture comprehensible for you on how to send an email through Gmail.

Click on sent then search for the name of the recipient you want to send an E-mail.

send email on gmail


This platform is owned by Microsoft and it is launched in 1996. Until 2012 this software was known as Hotmail and then it was changed into MS Outlook. This is another platform for sending and receiving emails worldwide.

With more than 400 million users, Outlook is similar to Gmail. Outlook stores messages on the hard drive of your pc but Gmail offers 15Gbs of data storage.


Yahoo is enough popular and most of the people know about yahoo. This is such a platform through which users can send and receive emails. We can make yahoo our default search web also. This platform was founded in 1994 and owned by Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Yahoo is more famous due to its search engine capability. It has other usages like yahoo news, yahoo finance, yahoo portal, and yahoo mail. As calculations, Yahoo has more than 200 hundred million active users monthly.


iCloud is a free and standard platform for apple users. So iPhone users can use this mailing platform with free storage of 5GBs. Storage can be used to store files and docs. If this storage is not enough users can receive storage but have to pay for that.

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Advantages of Emails

.The most common Advantage of email. It is free to use. All you have to do is to sign up for an account and start mailing to your friends and relatives. Doesn’t matter where they are.

. Next usage. If you don’t have access to an internet connection. Again sender can send you emails. And when you’re back online. You will see notifications about your unread emails.

. One of the best advantages of Gmail. It offers 15Gbs of free storage to its users. So I think this amount of storage is enough for users to store all their necessary emails.

. Not only messages but users can also send audio, video, voice, and documents also. So these are the most common usages of Email platforms. Everyone can use any payment.


So it was all about emails, types of emails, and the advantages of emails. I hope you have gotten something from this article. Share the article with others. If you found it useful.

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