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All over the world Gmail have about 1.5 billion users. You can access to your Gmail account through mobile application or you can access through web browser. Gmail provides its users the facility to send and receive emails too. Gmail was launched by google at 2004. You can save your data in your Gmail account such as videos, picture, and other documents. In this article we learn How to create Gmail account, with a professional email.

Usage of Gmail account

Gmail, lunched by google and it is a free email service. Your access to Gmail account is easy, Because its based on cloud system. On any device user can have access, just an internet connection is required. Up to 15 GBs of free storage is given to user, there user can store messages, docs, emails, and other recommended data. The revolution of google began on 1998, And its providing services continuously to its users. So lets move to words how to create Gmail account. Follow the instruction step by step to sign up A Gmail account. It`s necessary to have a google account than we can create a Gmail account.

How to create Gmail account on desktop

First step: Open browser, and enter the link in browser.

It is essential to fill some basic information requested from user.

first name: Fill the name in the name field, keep in mind to provide your real name,

last name: Input your last name.

password: Enter a strong password and remember the password, Be sure that password should includes numbers, characters.

How to create Gmail account

Click next. To ahead the process.

step 2: Add your phone number. Google use phone number as security, And it is hidden from others, But user can choose to use it for other purposes too.

Recovery email address: This option is optional, But it can be useful, Some time it`s possible to forgot email address. At that time it can be used to recover the account.

Enter your date of birth, and your Gender. Than click next to ahead the process.

How to create Gmail account

This was all your personal information, It is private and safe and not access able for others.
All have been done to access a new Gmail account, Before you move inside. Accept the Google`s terms and privacy. Then click on I agree to continue.

This was all about how to create Gmail account on desktop. Now let`s move to create an account on mobile phone.

How to create on mobile

You can sign up for Gmail through web browser, OR you can use it`s application to sign up.

If through browser than click.

Enter all the basic information such as your name, last name, username, and password. Then click next to ahead the process.

How to create Gmail account

next step: Add a recovery email address. A phone number. Date of birth and the Gender. Then click next to ahead the process.

last step: Agree the Google’s privacy and terms of service.

Now your eligible to use your Gmail account, sent and receive email`s from all over the world.


This was all about Gmail account. I hope that you have learned something from this article.

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