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How to link Instagram with Facebook page

Want to link Instagram with the Facebook page. Here in this story, you will comprehend how to link Instagram with a Facebook page.

Instagram has become part of Facebook in 2012. And from then meta company has brought different modifications to Facebook and Instagram.

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Changes like cross-app posting are very useful for small business holders. cross-app posting helps you to deliver your product to people at a time on two social media networks. So how you can get an advantage from cross-app posting and how you can connect your Facebook page to Instagram.

By the end of this article, you will be able to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account, and also your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

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How to link instagram with facebook page

How to link Instagram with the Facebook page using Facebook

Two ways to Link Instagram with a Facebook page. The first way, use your Facebook account to link with Instagram and the second way use Instagram to link with the Facebook page. Learn the following methods and then you can link and unlink your accounts whenever you want.

So let’s head to words the first method. First of all, log in to your Facebook account and then you should be a page admin to connect to an Instagram account.

Now go to the page you want to link Instagram with. Find the setting from the menu available at the left of the page. Click on setting

Once clicked on the setting a menu will appear select Instagram from the menu. Then tap on the click account.

and then you have to fill in all the essential detail of the account you want to link with your Facebook page.

The above is the first method in which we used the Facebook page to link with Instagram. And in below we will use Instagram to link with the Facebook page.

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How to link Instagram with a Facebook page using Instagram

We don`t have any major way to Link Instagram with Facebook using

But by using its official application we can easily connect Instagram with a Facebook account or with a Facebook page.

Open the Instagram app and then go to your profile.

Now click on “Edit profile“.

You can see some information about your profile. Like your name, your bio, etc. So scroll down and find the page from the options. Once you find it all you have to do is fill in the detail of the page and then you will be linked easily.

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Does it have any benefit linking Instagram with Facebook?

Definitely, it has advantages. The first advantage, you can share a post at a time on both social networks. It means that the chances increase to reach more audience. The next advantage get sharper insights. It means that you have in hand all the detail about your products and the clients. And also can Open an Instagram shop and respond to messages quickly. So these are the benefits that we can`t overlook.

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This was all about how to Link Instagram with a Facebook account. I hope you have found this article useful. And if still have any questions regarding this article you can tell us in the comment box. is all about tech solutions. So keep visiting our website and get new solutions to new problems.

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