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Hello,   On your smartphone, perhaps you are looking for or considering entertainment apps in the Google Play store. But have you actually discovered one yet? If not, there is no need to worry. I’ve compiled the top 11 helpful Android apps for you in this article. which has the potential to pass the time or put an end to boredom.

The many app shops have dozens of fun apps. However, your choice of apps to pass the time is entirely up to you. applications for playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and exercising The majority of users are those of these applications. They are also totally free for you to utilize.

I’ll thus go through a few of those practical applications that have had the highest downloads in this post. There is no cost to download these applications; they are free. To utilize the applications, simply keep your device connected to the internet.

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Some best useful and entertaining apps on the play store

Fifty:fitness: home workout Health care app
Flo ovulation & period tracker Health care app
Fit coach: fitness coach and diet exercise and proper diet
PUBG mobile Gamming application
POKEMON GO Gaming application
ROBLOX Gaming app
YOUTUBE contents app
NETFLIX contents app
REPLIKA: MY AI FRIEND Conversation/ chatting app

Here are some of the most interesting and helpful apps available on the Google Play store for Android Phones. These are the applications that might support your efforts to maintain good health.

Fifty: fitness, home workout: You can get the app from the Google play store and Microsoft app store.

Use fifty fitness home routines to get in shape and take care of your health at home. It offers a lot of useful features, such asking your gender first when you install the program. Therefore, it suggests that both sexes can utilize it.

You have two possibilities for exercising as well. Make a decision about whether you want to grow muscles or lose weight.

It starts by requesting all the necessary details on your routines, diet, and emotions. Then, based on the data you gave, you may start working out every day. You may reach your fitness objectives without taking any classes or joining a club.

FLO OVULATION & PERIOD TRACKER. If fifty fitness did not have it, you may attempt it. Between these applications, there can be a few variations. However, it often gives enough details about fitness to arouse someone’s curiosity. it may aid in health improvement.

FIT COACH: FITNESS COACH & DIET. Another handy application is this one. I suggest utilizing this app if you are interested in maintaining good health as well as a balanced diet. It could be beneficial.

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Some grossing gaming apps.

Here are some of the all-time best gaming apps you can enjoy on your Android mobile phone and on PC.

Nowadays, one of the most played games is PUBG MOBILE. Both computers and mobile devices may be used to play this game. With your friends and other online gamers from across the world, you may enjoy it. It is mostly a passing game.


This real-time game is incredible. This is regarded as the greatest mobile game of all time. But with this game, you must use extreme caution. because it may endanger your life. Users of Android and iPhone devices may play this game, and PC users can as well. The Google Play Store and the Microsoft App Store both carry the game.

Here is a list of some of the games that have received the most downloads and popularity. They are available for download for both mobile and other devices. Furthermore, multiplayer online games like PUBG exist. This can be played by one person, two people, or a team. This games can therefore amuse.

REAL RACING GAME: Get the game > google play store.

the top video game with top-notch visuals. Among all the racing games, this one boasts the nicest visuals and the most downloads. So stop looking for racing games. Get this one and put an end to your boredom.

ROBLOX: get this game > http://Google play store.

Online game Roblox offers free access to additional features. Purchases can be made by users. The Google Play Store and Microsoft App Store are where you may download the game.

TOWER DEFENSE: get it > Google play store

Protect your kingdom from the opposition. One of the best tower games is Tower Defense. You will adore it as soon as you play it.

Above is the list of best games. I have compiled them for you. If you want more multi-player online games visit the site below.

Best online games for androids and ios.

Free movies apps

Here are some apps that can help you to watch your favorite series. These apps are free you can use them without paying. But if you want more accessibilities it is necessary to pay for it.

Apps like Youtube, and NetFlix are the most popular apps. And many of the series are available on these apps.

Youtube: we have two kinds of youtube. One is free youtube and the other one is premium youtube. In free mode we are limited. Like we can`t download videos, songs, and other content. But in the premium youtube, we have access to more options.

NETFLIX. This application also provides verities of content like youtube. Like films, tv series, documentaries, and many other things accept NETFLIX`s own products.

REPLIKA: MY AI FRIEND. Another amazing application replica. It is based on artificial intelligence which communicates with the user like humans. So you can use this useful application when you are bored and want to talk with someone who is not social anxiety involved.


That`s all about some helpful and entertaining apps for Android devices. I hope after reading this article you will not be in quest of entertaining and useful apps. Keep visiting neartechno.com for more stories.

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