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the name Instagram is enough popular for every social media network user. this platform is free to use and user can share pictures and videos. this online application was known as place where user can only share content, But the engagement of people to this platform shows that it is more than a platform for sharing picture and short form of videos.

Since 2012 Facebook owned Instagram, and has become part of daily life. You can find people on this platform from every category of life, Like business owners, photographers, celebrities, and more.

If you are new to social media platform and wondering about what Instagram is, we have wrote in detail on How Instagram works, How to get an account on Instagram, and how to use its features.

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How to get Instagram account

Get the official application of Instagram from your mobile app store, user can sign in through Facebook account or can create new account. though some basic information will required from user when creating an account. On desktop you can sign up for an account through official website of Instagram https://www.instagram.com/.

Instagram features

First it launched on iPhone at 2010 and became available on android in next two years. This platform owned by Facebook since 2012 and added different features you should know about. We will negotiate one by one on Instagram features below.


Filter is one of Instagram features, where user can edit pictures before posting. you don’t need to spend hours of your time editing your material, this feature is available for both posts and stories.

Create a post or take a picture edit them by filters you don’t need to search around for editors because you have your own studio available. you can use up to 25 features to bring out changes for your posts before posting them to your newsfeed.

Look at the picture below, The first one is unfiltered and the second one is filtered by clarendon. You can fell and see the changes below in the picture.


What is InstagramWhat is Instagram











25 whopping filters are available to choose from Instagram and bring significant changes to your pictures.


IGTV stand for Instagram TV, we all know that it launched around as a platform for sharing pictures and short form videos, Before we were limited to create video up to 60-seconds but then it introduced IGTV for audience to create videos up to 60 minutes.

Marketing through video posts

Engagement of audience to a company brand is every company holder desire. The best way to engaged audience with brand is to promote your brand through videos. small business owners can promote their product but before it was only available for big companies with huge budget.

Adding story on Instagram

Adding story is a part of Instagram features through story people can share purpose of their lives, Some has the purpose to reach their brand to visitors, some has the purpose to become a popular. People can share the videos as their desire but should not be infringer to it`s terms of policy.

Videos longer then 15seconds appears in slide form, The first fifteen seconds appears in first slide then the next fifteen seconds and so on.

Story highlights is part of Instagram story feature, when we share a story that disappears till next 24 hours. If you want to save any of your story for next time to watch back you can save through story highlights. See the picture below and save those stories you want too see them again.

What is Instagram

tap on highlights > create a collection category > click view on profile.


I hope you found this article informative and have learned more about Instagram and its features. If you fell missing any thing in this article you can inform us in comment box. thanks for reading the content.

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