10 Most Expensive things in the World in 2022

What are the most expensive things in the world? If you think that the most expensive things in the world could be diamond or gold. You are wrong. Because we have a list of things that have been sold in millions of dollars.

What do you do if you have lots of money? Will you buy anything from the list given below or you have better idea to spend your money in better way. But, there are some dudes who have spent their millions to buy an object.  

If you want to know about the most expensive objects in the word. And if you want to know that who bought and what was the prize of that object. You are in right place. Here in this article. I will mention for you those all objects which have been sold on highest amount ever.

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Buckingham house

Most expensive things in the world

This house is one of the most expensive house exist on earth. Which is located in London. The house is usually in use of the queen`s but public also can visit as visitor at a specific time in summer.

The total amount was spend for making it is more than 6 billion us dollar. It is the most expensive house ever exist on the planet. The second most expensive house is in India. Owned by an Indian businessman.

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Bugatti car

Most expensive things in the world

Bugatti car counts as most expensive things in the world. You will be surprised when you know about the price of car. So I am going to tell you how much you must have to by a Bugatti.

It is the most expensive and luxury car ever. You must be a billionaire to own this luxury item for you. The total amount you need to buy one is 18 million US dollar.

Lockheed martin F-35 fighter jet

Most expensive things in the world

F-35 is a fighter jet. Which is manufactured by Lockheed martin (Lockheed martin is an American arm, defense, and information company). This jet has multi role capability. It means that it can perform different action in the space. Like it can combat with other fighting aircrafts and can shoot targets and also provides electronic war far. For complete detail visit Wikipedia.

So this was all about its capability now let’s see the price and rank of this item in the world. It ranked first in the world and the total cost of A-35 is $135 million dollar.

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A380 private jet

Most expensive things in the world

Although we have many businessmen in the world and most of them have billions of dollar. And this billionaires always try to have something different from others. Like they own most expensive cars, most expensive house they live.

Here is one of the examples. The most expensive private jet in the world which is in use of the prince of Saudi Arabia. This private jet is facilitated and it is similar to palace. The a380 private jet is one of the most expensive private jet which is more than $500 million dollar.

Neiman Marcus motor bike

Hello to the bike lovers. Here is the best designed bike for you which has high speed and powerful engine. Do you know? This bike is the most expensive bike in the world and also the most speed motor bike in the world. It can reach the speed of 300 kilometer per hour.

Neiman Marcus is company located in the United States own by Marcus. The price of Neiman Marcus motor bike is $11 million US dollar which is equals to 2000 million Pakistani rupees. Which is really a huge amount. I think even Pakistani businessmen can`t afford it.

K2 Black Panther / South Korean military tank

Here is world`s most expensive and latest military tank which is developed by South Korea. South Korea designed and developed K2 Black Panther to fulfil their requirements in the battle field. Since the technology arrived every country of world is in quest to have the latest technology.

The construction on K2 was started in 1995 and became available for South Korean military on 2014. With the price of more than $8.5 million dollar it is the world most expensive tank ever.

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Graff Diamonds Hallucination

Usually people used watch to see and manage the time. But in this blog post I am going to identify for you a watch that is made of rare natural object. Graff Diamond Hallucination is made up with different colors of diamond. Diamond is naturally rare and expensive also.

So what do you think of a watch which is made up with 110 carats of diamond. You may think that it should be expensive. Yes it is. It is the most expensive watch in the world. You can buy it with $55million UDS dollars.

Fantasy Bra

Bra is an object which is used by female in the world. But when it comes to style bra can`t be ignored. There are many companies who are developing bra and trying to introduce every year a new models of bra. But in this topic I am going to tell you about the most expensive bra ever made up.

The fantasy bra was started in 90s. Every year one new model of bra launches and it costs more than the traditional one. First fantasy bra which was introduced in 1996 was worth of $1 million USD. And when every year new bra comes out its price also increases. Like last year, star fantasy bra was introduced whose price was $15 million USD. Fantasy bra is expensive because it is made of different rare and expensive objects including diamond carats.

Salvator Mundi – Leonardo da Vinci

This is known as most expensive painting worldwide. Leonardo is the one who painted it. However it is not painted in this century. It was painted in 16th century.

In 2017 this painting was acquired by Saudi prince with the worth amount of $450 million. The purchase was made up in new York.


That`s All, this was all about most expensive things in the world. Have you find the most expensive things in the world in this blog post.? If yes, then share it with your friends and also share on social media

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