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How to Add Social Share Icons in Astra Theme – Neartechno

After reading this article, you will be able to add social share icons in different parts of the Astra theme, both with and without plug-ins.

. Add social sharing icons in header of Astra theme.

. Add social sharing icons in footer of Astra theme.

You may try to find a theme that is fast, lightweight, and more customizable. Then the best choice is Astra. In this topic, I am going to show you how you can add social share icons to your Astra theme in order to bring more traffic to your website.

Moreover, this popular theme is designed with SEO performance and a variety of customization possibilities in mind to suit the style of your website. Additionally, this theme is also highly responsive, ensuring your website will look great on any device.

It is easy and simple to add social share buttons to your Astra website. There are numerous ways to do it. You can use Astra’s in-built social sharing icons and plug-ins.

In this article, we have brought to you a step-by-step guide for adding social share buttons through the Astra theme to your Astra-powered website. Moreover, I have listed for you the three best plugins that you can use to add social share buttons to your webpage.

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How to Add Social Share Buttons in Astra Theme Header?

The Astra theme has many functionalities and customizable options. One of the options is widgets. This theme provides many different widgets for you to use for different purposes. Among all the widgets, one is available in the “customize” section of your site, which you can use to add the social share buttons to your website.

Let’s do it.

  1. First of all, navigate to the Appearance section on the left side of your dashboard. From appearance, click on “customize.”
Astra theme appearance

2. Now click on “Header Builder” from the menu that appears. Through this section, you can edit your header. You can change the site logo, add a new menu, and add social share icons to the header from this section. 

astra theme header builder

3. So to add social share icons to the header: Simply click on the plus icon and then click on “social.”

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astra socail icons

4. In addition, you can also choose your favourite social media platform’s icon. 

social share icons

That’s all; this was the procedure for adding social sharing icons to the header of the Astra theme. So if you would like to add sharing icons to the footer of your site, Go through the same procedure. However, keep in mind that you should select the footer builder rather than the header builder. 

How to add Social Sharing icons Through Plugins?

There are numerous plug-ins for social sharing. Some of them are paid, and some are free. It depends on you which one to use. However, I have listed some of the best plugins below for you. These plug-ins are being used by most of the website owners. The main reason I recommend you use these plugins is that they are SEO-friendly and easy to use.

In addition, you can adjust the design and position of the buttons using the customization options offered by these plugins.

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⦁ Social Snap

Go to plugins > click on add new plug in > search social snap in the > click download > click activate.

Once the plug-in is enabled, Click on the setting option of the plug-in and then customise the way you want to show your social icons to your visitors.

how to add new social share icons plug-ins

⦁ Jetpack Social

⦁ AddToAny Share Button

We have come to the end of the tutorial. I hope that you have learned how to add social share icons in the header and footer of the Astra theme.

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