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How to download tiktok videos

What is tiktok. How to download tiktok videos. Daily lots of people search for same questions. Why people want to save tiktok videos. May be you are also interested to download your favorite tiktok videos. The tiktok is an application owned by chines company and it is also known as social networking service. youngsters usually use this application to make different types of videos such as memes, jokes, and other stories. When they share these videos on their tiktok accounts. lots of user comes to watch videos and than user tries to save video permanently for self. Some of those videos available for users to save. But not all of them. So in this article you will learn how to save every tiktok videos.

About tiktok

officially this application released on 2018 but it was manufactured on 2016. Now this application became a trend to share your felling’s through videos, dance, and quotes. Especially youngsters use this application and share their videos on daily bases. As a research on this application it has 1 billion active user monthly and they spend about 50 minutes on tiktok daily.

Download tiktok videos on desktop

As my experience most of tiktok videos available for downloads. But why? we can not download all videos from this application. Because the account owner has locked download option for users. Does it matters for them? it doesn`t matters for them infect a download increases account value.

Before we move towards how to download tiktok videos. We need access to this application. Through given website we can have access in tiktok on desktop Once you launched application the only thing you have to do is to copy the url of video. Simply click on arrow and copy the link.

Than launched tiktok downloader through this url Paste link of the video.

Look at picture below. you will have these options for downloading tikitok videos. Get videos with no watermarks or it is possible to save only the audio form of video.

How to download on mobile

We learned how to download tiktok videos on desktop. Now we will learn how to download every tiktok videos on mobile we want. I have suggested for you a downloader. You can find this downloader in mobiles `s play store. Look at picture below and download the third one from the list. Tough you many options but this is the best downloader.

Follow these few steps.

Step 1> Copy the link of video.

Step 2 > Paste link in downloader.

Step 3> Tap on download option.


This was all about how to save tiktok videos on desktop and mobile. I hope after reading this articles you will not suffer any kind of problem while downloading videos. Visit our home page a find out how to download Facebook videos, Youtube vidoes and instagram videos.

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