Best Hollywood movies

Most of people may familiar about film industries in world. Numerous film industries are available. Which are producing different kind of movies. Few of these film industries got popularity in globe due to their quality movies. These industries producing movies like, action movies, romantic movies, and historical movies. If you are seeking for best Hollywood movies. You are in right place, here I have assembled best Hollywood movies of all time for you.

#1 happy death day movie

Best Hollywood movies
happy death day

Happy death day is a horror thriller movie. The movies is about a college student who were killed in her birthday night. She is trying to relive the point and stop her murder.

Happy death day movie was released in 2007. The total cost on movie was about 4million. But movies got earned from box office more than 100 million us dollar.

The movie has par 2 and part 3 also. Second part of movie was released in 2019.

#2 rust creek

Rust creek is a Hollywood movie which was released in 2019. This movie is about a girl who lost her way when she was going for an interview from her city to Washington dc. In the way to Washington dc she lost her way and trapped to forest.

#2 my teacher-my crush

My teacher-my crush is a Hollywood movie. In this movie, a student falls in love with his teacher. She name lana. The teacher is already married and has a daughter. Now she has to do something. If teacher stay with her family side then she must get rid of boy. What happens next if you are interested in so visit YouTube and watch the movie?

#3 Son of a Rich

Son of a rich Hollywood movie. Here is a fantastic Hollywood movie. This movie was released in 2019. The movie focuses on a guy whose father is rich. The boy spending his time in night clubs, parties, and disturbing others. Rich person was upset of his son`s character. Therefore he decided to teach him a lesson. What happened next if you’re interested watch the movie for free on YouTube?   


A man who own a company wants to send a group of astronaut to mars. But not only for visiting mars- for making a colony in mars. Few months later when the company found information about group of astronauts. They found a lady member pregnant. Company falls in dilemma and thinking about what to be done? What do you think if you are interested you can watch the movie?

#5 Dark knight movie

one of the most popular Hollywood movies. The dark knight movie which was released on October 2008. Has scored more than a billion at box office. group of thieves who looting the bank and hitting group members. Head of group was reason behind hitting one member the other one. Because he set a mind set for them as low remains group member the more amount they will receive. Batman who is against all this crimes in the city. He is there to stop criminal from looting banks. Must watch the movie if you are interested in action/adventure movies.

Here is a list of some websites where you can watch movies.

#1xumotv.com. #2vudu.com. #3imdb.com. #4pluto.com. #5cracle.com.

Above are the links of some websites you can watch movies through.

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