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Since social media arrived we found changes not only in daily lives, but we can see these changes in every field of lives. whenever we fell need of something we click on social media to find it there, It means that people have badly engaged to social media. Though the Instagram is also one of them and this is listed as one of famous social media network where we can find billions of content on this platform. But when we find a content interesting on Instagram than a question may rise up in our mind how to download that content. If you also searching for how to download Instagram videos so your are at the right spot.

So lets navigate to words how to download Instagram videos, But I want to ask a question. Do you have enough storage space on your mobile phone If you don’t have you can delete those pictures and videos looks similar.

User can save videos for watch later, sometimes it happens when we interested to watch a clip but suddenly we find out a work, At that stage user can save video for watch later.

How to save videos on Instagram

step 1: Open Instagram.

step 2: find the video you want to save.

step 3: click the three dot icon on the top right corner of video.

step 4: save the video in the category of choice.

The above steps was how to save content, now it comes how to find them back.

Now open Instagram.

then go to your profile.

then click on the three horizontal line on the top corner of profile

then click on saved

Here is all your content you saved for watch later.

you can create new folder for your collection here.

How to download Instagram videos on android and iPhone

You can use downloader app for Instagram in that case you need download Instagram video downloader from mobile app store or play store.

But here we use online website to download videos on our device storage. So open the browser and find the online downloader through given link below. I recommended this website because we have access to verity types of download alike pictures, videos, profiles. Follow the the following steps to download videos easily.

1: Open Instagram app.

2: Find the file you want to download.

3: Copy the link video.

How to copy the link, you can copy the by clicking on the 3dot icon on top right of video

4: Paste the link in website.

5: Click on download button.

How to download Instagram videos
How to download Instagram videos

How to download Instagram videos

that’s all about how to download Instagram videos on mobile. Now lets negotiate how to download Instagram videos on desktop, The method we used on mobile the same method we will use here on desktop. we can access to Instagram on desktop through its official website, Although we accessed on mobile through its application. Visit the website to access Instagram.


No1: sign in to Instagram.

no 2: Find the video you want to download.

NO 3: copy the link of video. How can you copy the link, you can copy the link by clicking on the 3dot icon at the top right of video.

How to download Instagram videos

Now access the website through this given link.

No 4: paste the link of video in video downloader and click on option of download below the the video.

Now you done all requirement for downloading videos, By this method you can download those all videos for permanent bases and you can visit them back whenever wherever.


This is all about how to download Instagram videos on mobile and desktop. So I think you will not face any kind of problem while downloading, If you faced any kind of issue so share with us.

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