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There are many nations in the world. Every nation has its own culture, living style, and spoken language. The language which we speak, the culture which we celebrate, and the living style which we follow are all we have had from our ancestors. Furthermore, In this article, we will discuss the most spoken languages globally.

It is hard to say the fix indigenous and non-indigenous numbers of the most spoken language in the world. But we have compiled an accurate list of the most spoken languages in the world.

You probably think that the language you speak may be one of the most spoken languages on earth. Or the second language you speak may be among the most spoken languages in the world. Don`t get too hung up on it. Because by the end of this story, you’re going to know which language has the most native and non-native speakers in the world.

The list I compiled indicates the total number of native and non-native speakers of a language. Consequently, you do not need to look for other websites for any information. I also assure you of the validation of the content.

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Most spoken languages

Most indigenous spoken languages in the world

A couple of questions like, why is this language the first among so many languages? Are these languages among the most attractive in the world? Various questions such as these may arise in your mind. We have done our best to answer all of your questions in this regard.

1. Mandarin, Chinese —> 1.3 billion native speakers worldwide

Mandarin is ranked #1 because it has the most significant number of native speakers in the world. China has a population of roughly 1.4 billion. 1.2 billion out of 1.4 billion speak in Mandarin. One of the leading reasons that Mandarin is in the top ranking is probably because of its population. It is also china`s official language.

If we count natives and non-natives, then probably the mandarin will lose its position. And then English will take place because English has more non-native speakers. The reason why English has more non-native speakers. That is because English is used as a second language throughout the world.

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2. English —> 770 million native speakers, and 740 million non-native speakers.

Though English is an international language, it has few native speakers. According to Ethnologue, English has more than 700 million native speakers and the number of non-native speakers of this language is also more than 700 million. 

Although English is an international language, it can´t rank #1 because it doesn´t have enough native speakers to rank first. Contrary to English, mandarin is at first because it has more native speakers.

But if we count both indigenous and non-indigenous speakers. The English will be at first. Because it is a skilled language and is being used as a second language worldwide.

3. Hindi language —> 600 million native speakers worldwide

The Hindi language is one of the most spoken languages on the planet. This language has 600 hundred million native speakers. Locally Hindi is spoken by 600 million people. And it’s their mother tongue as well.

When it comes to Hindi, people think of it as Indian`s mother tongue only. But not it has spread to some more countries. And only 40 percent of native speakers belong to India and the remaining 60% are out of India.

4. Spanish 540 —> million native speakers.

The number of Spanish speakers is approximately five hundred and forty million, the Spanish speakers are not established in a single country, but established in various countries. Like Spanish, the United States and 20 other countries speak Spanish.

This language is not just spoken in 20 countries but is also their official language. Spain is home to 44 million Spanish-speaking citizens. And others like the United States, Argentina, and Venezuela speak Spanish.

5. French —> 97 Million Native Speakers

One of the most widely spoken languages, French ranks fifth, in the list of having the most native speakers. Globally, this language is being spoken by 280 million native speakers.

In France, the French language is being spoken the most. And then the Congo is the country where French is widely being spoken. And so on, in many other countries, the French language is established.

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We all adore our mother tongue and every language is gentle. some tongues are rising and some of them are about to end. I gathered information about most spoken languages of the world, and have shared it with you through this article. Once you have come to our website, I hope that you will not need to look for another.

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