How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for 5000 kwh Per Month

How many solar panels are needed to produce 5000 kWh per month? Its hard determine, because you have to take into mind various factors, such as energy consumption habits, geographic location and climate, efficiency of solar panels, and angle and orientation of solar panels. So keeping in mind all the factors, we will go through step-by-step guide and will have a complete overview on how many solar panels you need for 5000 kWh per month.

Factors That You Should Keep in Mind?

There are few factors that you should consider. Like the energy consumption of the household, the Georaphic location and the Climate, efficiency of the solar panels, and the Angle and orientation of solar panels. So these are the factors that we will consider wile calculation.

Formula of Calculating Solar Panel Requirments

Let’s calculate the average consumption of a household that uses 5000 kwh per month. So to calculate how many solar is required to generate this amount of enrgy, we can go through this formula.

We can’t calculate directly, we need some data and assumption for calculations.

  1. The amount of energy requird per month is 5000.
  2. Assume that each solar panel is 250 Watt.
  3. Assume that each soler panel’s effeciency is 15%
  4. Assume that the number of peak hours of sunlight per day is 5 hours (this is the average amount of sunlight in the US).

The formula for calculations.

Number of solar panels = (Energy needed per month) / (Energy generated per solar panel per month)

(5000 kWh/month) / (250 watts/solar panel x 30 days/month x 5 hours/day x 15%) = 22.22 solar Panels.

So according to this formula 22 to 23 solar panels are needed to generate 5000 kwh per month. By using this formula you can easily determine the number of solar pannels to generate the required energy per month.

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