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Let’s take a quick look at the popular spoken languages in Pakistan. Pakistan is home to people who speak more than 70 (seventy) different languages. However, we shall talk about the most widely spoken languages in Pakistan in this post.

The list of the top languages spoken in Pakistan can be found in this article. Please stick with us till the end of the topic to learn the most widely spoken languages in Pakistan.

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Pakistan’s Provincial Languages

1. Urdu Urdu The national language of Pakistan
2. English Official Language in Pakistan
3. Punjabi Provincial language in Pakistan. Mainly spoken in punjab.
4. Sindhi Provincial language. Mainly spoken in Sindh Province.
5. Balochi Provincial language. Mainly spoken in Balochistan Province
6. Pashto Provincial language. Mainly spoken in KPK.

Languages Spoken in the Provinces

Punjab Punjabi, Saraiki, Pothohari, Hindko, Haryanvi, Pashto, Bagri, Urdu
Sindh Sindhi, Urdu, Saraiki, Gujrati, Thari, Pahto, Marwari, Kathiawari, Balochi, Kuchti, Odki
Balohistan Balochi, Pashto, Brahui, Saraiki, Sindhi, Dehwari, Hazaragi, Makrani, Dari,
KPK Pashto, Hindko, Chitrali, Kalami, Saraiki, Kohistani, Kalasha, Pahari, Torwali, Domaki, kashmiri, Persian, Kolkati Ushoji, Dameli etc.


Pakistan’s official language is Urdu. Additionally, Pakistan’s state language is it. More over 80 million people worldwide are native speakers of the Urdu language.

Up to 90 million people in Pakistan speak Urdu as a second language, while around 30 million people speak Urdu as their mother tongue.

There are speakers of Urdu outside of Pakistan. However, it is also widely spoken in many other nations. The USA, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and several other nations are included.

Although there are only around 10% of native Urdu speakers in Pakistan, the majority of people there understand and speak it.


popular languages spoken in punjab

According to our ranking, Punjabi is one of the most popular languages spoken languages in Pakistan. People who speak Panjabi are spread all over the nation. However, the Punjab province is home to the majority.

Punjab, on the other side, is the nation’s most populous and developed province. The Punjab province is home to almost 110 million people.

The number of individuals who speak Punjabi in the nation is over 80 million, or around 39% of the total population. Even though Urdu is the national language, Punjabi placed top because its native speakers are the most engaged.


One of the most common languages in Pakistan is Pashto. The majority of people in Pakistan speak it fluently.

One of Pakistan’s provinces is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pashto is the primary language of origin for the vast majority of those who call this region home. Furthermore, Baluchistan province has a sizable Pashto speaking population.

Around 25 million people in Pakistan are native Pashto speakers. The country’s entire population of about 15% speaks Pashto.


Another language with millions of native speakers in Pakistan is Sindhi. The regions where Sindhi is most widely spoken include Sindh and some sections of Baluchistan.

The Sindhi language has a population of over 23 million native speakers. It is also a regional language in Pakistan.


One of the most widely used languages in Pakistan among its native speakers is Siraiki, often known as Saraiki. In the nation, over 26 million people speak this language as their native tongue. Additionally, people who speak Saraiki as their first language come from many regions of the nation. Saraiki is a language that is spoken by about 12% of the populace.


The Balochi language is mostly spoken in regions of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Around 8 to 9 million individuals worldwide are said to speak Balochi. However, barely 3% of people in Pakistan are native speakers of Balochi.


Millions of people in the nation are native speakers of pothwari, or pothohari. We are unable to identify the precise native speakers of this language. However, the Pothohari language is still being used as a first language in several areas of Sindh and Panjab.


Another popular language in Pakistan is this one. Additionally, there are around 5 million native speakers of this language in the nation. both in some areas of the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Panjab.

End lines

I have included accurate information about all of the popular languages spoken in Pakistan in this page. There is nothing I have overlooked, whether it is a regional tongue or the official language of Pakistan. In addition, the only languages spoken across the entire nation are Urdu, English, Pashto, and Saraiki.

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