The 14 Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps For Android & iPhone in 2022

14 Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps in 2022 to Enhance Your Photos the Way You Want It.

These Photo Editors Are Able to Offer a Variety of Amazing Filters While taking a Photo or Editing a Photo.

Also, These Mobile Photo Editors Are Free But You Can Make in-App Purchases to Unlock More Possibilities.

How to pick the best one when there are a lot of applications in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store? It is incredibly hard to find the ideal one that can meet your suggestions. If you’re looking to locate the greatest photo editing apps for your smart phone, then I should inform you that you’re at the perfect site.

We are in an era where social media networks are on the rise and individuals are utilising social media to market their goods and companies. But it’s quite crucial that your brand and products match the suggestions of customers. So how can you accomplish it? You may achieve it by modifying your product picture via the best mobile photo editing apps.

We have come up with some of the greatest photo editing apps in this post for Android smartphones and iOS devices. Some of these applications are absolutely free, but they may offer you in-app purchases. And some are also compensated. There are not too many distinctions between free and paid. The free version includes enough functionality for individuals to make their own designs.

So select a photo editing app from this post, and make a great and pretty design for yourself with a combination of fantastic backgrounds, text colors, different types of filters, and many other options.

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The Best Free Photo Editing Apps

You can find up to 14 of the best mobile photo editing apps in this article. These editing applications are almost free. However, free tools are enough to enhance the photos. But if user want access to more features then user has to pay.

.1 Canva: Design, Photo, and Video

Canva is, over all, the best and most amazing photo editing application. This application offers you dozens of colorful backgrounds, animations, fonts, elements, video clips, images, and much more. Canva is a free application and everyone can use it. It is available in the Google Play store for Android users and for iOS users in the Apple App Store. But to get access to all of its features, you must pay for it.

Through Canva, a user can create a Facebook post, a Facebook story, Facebook reels, an Instagram post, an Instagram story, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, YouTube videos, and much more. So you can do all these things through an application without any cost. That’s why I recommend you use Canva.

.2 B612, Camera & Photo/Video Editor

Downloads: 500 million+, Size 138 MB, 7M+ reviews.

Let’s find out about the B612 photo editing application. This application is specially designed for selfies. While dragging a picture, you can apply effects to the image. Furthermore, you can edit photos and videos through this application.

B612 is the best photo editing app. It offers its users unlimited, incredible features. So that the users can edit their products the way they want. Not only photos, you can edit and record videos, and also have the ability to add music to your videos. There are over a hundred songs available in the app. And you can also add your own music if you want.

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.3 Youcam Perfect – Photo editor

Downloads: 100 million+, Size 85MB, Reviews 2 million+.

Youcam is third in our list. This is another perfect photo editing application. Youcam is free, but for more pro features, you need to pay to unlock those pro features. It can help you to edit your images to the next level.

This app allows you to easily reshape your face, whiten your teeth, and smooth your skin. And through its adjusting tools, easily removes your pimples and unwanted spots from your face. Furthermore, you can change and remove unwanted things from the image background.

.4 Collage Maker | Photo Editor

Downloads: 100 million+. Size: 13MB. Reviews 2million plus.

From your collections, pick up to 20 images and then the photo editor will combine the images. Now edit your collage using the app’s adjustment tools and decorate it with filters, texts, stickers, and much more.

Collage Maker is one of the best photo editing apps on our list, available in the Google Play store for Android and iOS users. It offers its users unlimited features for free at no cost.

.5 Picsart Photo & video Editor

Downloads: 500m+, size 40 MB, reviews: 11million.

Picsart is one of the best all-in-one photo and video editing applications for smartphone users. It is easy and also free to use. Furthermore, Pixar offers you different kinds of tools and objects that can edit your videos and photos to the next level. On the other hand, not only photos, you can also edit video on it. It means that you don’t need to download different kinds of applications on your phone.

Through the Picsart video editor, you can edit and create videos for Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Facebook reels, and much more.

.6 Photo Editor – Polish

Photo editor offers all the tools an individual needs to edit their photos. Therefore, the photo editor is right there to edit backgrounds, filter your images, remove unwanted spots and much more. Furthermore, you can add text and stickers to the photos. So use its tools to make significant changes to images and improve photo quality.

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.7 Snapseed

Snapseed is a free photo editing tool developed by Google. Specially developed for Android mobile phones. The features of this app are incredible. So, using its tools, you can edit your photo like a pro. Like, you can filter your photos, remove backgrounds, add texts, and effects with one tap. Furthermore, you can blur the background, merge photos, and by using its editor tools, you can slim your face and body to get a perfect figure.

Snapeed is available in the Google Play store in the form of an application. But if you want, you can use it online.

.8 Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

Downloads: 100m+, reviews 3million+ All you want, you can find in the photo lab. After getting this app, you will not need to search for another one. Because the photo editing lab has all those features to edit the photo perfectly. The app is designed in such a way that even new users can easily edit tremendous photos.

As I said, for editing a photo, all the required tools are available in the photo lab. But again, if you feel something is missing, you can ask for it. The developers will add your requested tool or object in the next update. Furthermore, Photo Editing Lab is free, but for upgrading you have to pay in-app purchases.

.9 VSCO: Photo and Video Editor

downloads: 100 million+. size 56 MB.

VSCO is in the list of the best all-in-one photo editing apps. Enhance your photos and videos with its powerful editing tools. What you want, you can find in it for enhancement of images and videos. With one tap, you can add presets, filters, effects, and backgrounds to improve your creativity and reach your full potential. 

.10 FaceApp: Face Editor

Downloads: 100 million+. size 44MB

FaceApp is one of the most amazing photo editing apps globally. This app has gathered millions of users worldwide due to its excellent performance and features. With FaceApp and its features, a user can edit photos and also have fun with friends. After downloading it, you will have access to more than 60 realistic features, and with its photo editing tool, you can add a beard, hairstyle, hair color, remove acne from your face, and much more.

Make fun with it by applying its old and young filters to images, trying out what your future kids will look like, finding out how you will look as a different gender and much more. So these are a few from this app. Download the app to observe all its features.

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.11 BeautyPlus: Retouch, Filters

Downloads: 100 million+. size 179 MB.

BeautyPlus is a great app for editing photos and taking selfies. For sure, you can edit your photos the way you like. But by using its auto beautification, you’re no longer required to edit photos. It is trusted by tonnes of users worldwide.

Editing photos, taking selfies, and making selfie videos is now easier with BeatyPlus. Furthermore, touch-up your photos with its photo editing tool. remove unwanted spots like acne, pimples, or blemishes. Use the remover to remove unwanted objects (buildings, vehicles, etc.) or people.

beautyplus photo editor

.12 Remini: AI Photo Enhancer

Downloads: 100 million+. Size: 36 MB

Remini is an artificial photo enhancer. It is used by a huge number of photo editing lovers worldwide.

This app is specially designed to enhance old, blurry, and damaged photos. Its AI tools help you to unblur, restore, and enhance any image you want. The changes you will see after editing images are incredible. Therefore, it’s the choice of millions of users.

Remini AI Photo Enhancer
Remini AI Photo Enhancer

.13 Photo Collage Maker & Editor

Downloads: 100 million+. Size: 47 MB.

The photo collage maker allows you to take selfies, make pretty collages, and edit photos. If it comes to the best photo maker or collage maker, we can’t ignore the photo collage maker & editor. With its selfie camera, you can take clear, beautiful, and amazing photos. And with its collage maker tool, users can easily create an amazing collage. All you have to do is to select several images.

Furthermore, you have access to all those tools. You need to edit the photo. So, edit your photos like a pro and share your collages and photos with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms.

free photo editing apps

.14 Photo Editor Picsa: Collage

Downloads: 100 million+. Size: 48MB.

Here you are, with Picsa go to next level of photo editing and collage making. From taking selfie photos to editing photos. You have a wide choice of features. Like filtering images, adding text, stickers, borders, backgrounds, and much more.

Become a pro photo editor and bring marvelous effects to your photos by editing your own. And then share those photos with your friends and relatives on your social media accounts.

Photo editing apps

This was all about mobile photo editing apps. I hope that you have found this article interesting and useful. In this blog post, I have shared the best and most widely used mobile photo editing apps. Hopfully, you have found our content informative. To be in touch with follow us Facebook and pinterest.

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