Best teachers in world : know them

Me myself I can’t ignore teacher`s role in my life. From the day I started school till now. I can fell teacher`s positive engagement in my life. I think the best part of life is school with the group of best teachers. Because it is the stage from here students began learning. And teacher is the one who teaches how to behave, how to talk, how to respect others, how to deal with people in society. These all are possible when the teachers put extra effort on his/her pupils. In this article we will see who are the eleven best teachers in the world.

Every year teachers from all over the world nominating for best teacher award which is one million use dollar. The award will be announced for the teacher who put out standing effort to the job.

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Albert Einstein

Best teachers in world

Let’s talk about a personality who is not only a teacher but also a physicist. Albert Einstein who is known as best influential physicist was a germen citizen born in 1879. He got his early education in the Germen Empire and then he moved with his family to Italy. Albert was excelled from his childhood. He has contribution for developing different theories. Like his contribution to theory of quantum mechanics. And he is also well known as developer of the theory of relativity. In 1921 he was awarded a noble prize for his all contribution. Albert died in 1955 at the age of 79.

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Helen Keller / United States

Best teachers in world

She born in 1880. Till 19 months she was healthy. But, due to an unknown illness lost her eyesight and hearing vision. She served for disability rights, remains lecturer, political activist and an author. After losing her hearing and eye sight she used home sings for communication. She continued her education and became the first blind lady who got Bachler degree. And then she died in 1968 at the age of 87.

Maggie MacDonnell

Best teachers in world

Maggie MacDonnell is a Canadian educator, born in 1980. She became a recipient and won the international best teacher prize. Her purpose of educating is to build self believe in their students. MacDonnell is not only an educator to her students. She a coach and a trainer also. Now she turn 44 years and still rising like a star.

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Soraya Motaharnia / Iran

Soraya motaharnia is one of top Iranian teacher. She was nominated for global teacher prize last year. The global teacher award is such award that will be given to one of the top teacher worldwide.

In an interview she said that it has been 24 years since she is teaching. In her career she helped many students who had many and medical problems. She also used to collect money for the victims of earth quick.

AHMED SAYA / pakistan

Ahmad saya is a Pakistani educator and he is a professor at Cordoba School. Teachers like ahmed soya is a nation builder. That’s why he deserve to be awarded.

He teaches accounting and was nominated by his students for Cambridge university award. He and 5 other teacher was nominated for this award from all over the world. But, the award was given to him due to his loyalty to his job and for putting extra efforts for his students.

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Savitribai Phule / india

Born 1831.

From India.

Occupation social reformer.

Died 1897.

Phule was an indian educator and social reformer. She was born in 1831 and was passed away in 1897 at the aged of 66. She played vital role for women in india. With her husband she build the first modern school for girls. She also has an important part for improving women`s right in India.

Vladimer Apkhazava

He is serving as a teacher in contrary where people facing financial issues. So living in a country where the citizen facing income problems getting education can be difficult, it is ordinary. But, teachers like viladmer always looking for ways to educate children. Since 2010 his journey of educating was began. And he provided different services for his pupils. Like collecting funds from different private companies. Furthermore he made a small house for orphan children where about 10 children are living. Due to his all efforts he has been nominated as top 50 teachers from globe by the end of 2017. And then in 2018 he was listed as world`s top 10 teacher.

Peter Tabichi

Mr. peter is a since teacher in an African region named Kenyan.  Became the first African who won the global teacher prize . Peter used to spend his 80 percent of salary for the children who were suffering different disasters. His love with his profession and due to his cooperation with the poorer pupils of Kenyan. His name became in the top teacher`s list in the world.

Hanan Al Hroub

Hanan she is a teacher from a region where human crises are on rise and you can face any time any kind of violence. hanan is also count in one who grew up in a refugee camp in Palestine. Her effort for educating refugee and poor students was appreciated world wild. Therefore she was nominated for second teacher prize. Hanan beat many teachers who were also nominated for teacher prize and became the winner global teacher in 2016.

Boya Yang – China

Boya is the first chines educator who was nominated for the global teacher award prize of 2017. She has participation in different educational activity in the country. Due to her work she became the most influential teacher in china and in the world. Boya is a psychology teacher at local school and also advocates for educational improvements.

Joseph w. underwood

Joseph is known teacher in world. His date of birth is 1953 and he is an Indian national. Joseph has won many award and has excellent teaching performance. He is certified a good movie making teacher and an athletic and official football trainer. To gratitude his all efforts he was nominated for 2018 global teacher prize and was short listed in the top 50 best teachers in the world for global teacher prize.


as all about best teachers in the world. these are the teachers who are the most influential among all teachers in the region and in the world. These teachers received national and international award due to their hard works and out standing outputs. so I hope this article was useful for you. If you found it useful kindly share it on social media and with your friends.

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