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Android games became more popular last recent years. while Android users can find a lot of games in play store. But there is a drawback with those games. Without internet access those games can`t be played. In this case what should be done to play a game when you don't have access to an internet connection. So in this article I have listed for you. Best offline games for android which can be played offline.

We can play offline games in two ways. The first way, we need to download the game from android play store. Second way, google offers offline games. Google`s offline games do not required download.

How to play google offline games

Best offline games for android

Chrome likes to keep users engaged. Even user don`t have access to sever. Therefore google chrome offers some offline games. You can enjoy these game when you have lost internet connectivity. So entertain yourself on mobile phone & laptops with no cost games.

Chrome: //dino/

Above the URL is the link of chrome`s Dino game. Paste the URL in your browser if you want to play the game while you have access to internet. But, if you have lost the server. Search anything in chrome then press space button to play the dino game.

List of chrome’s offline games.

  1. Cute the rope
  2. Treasure arena
  3. Happy Friday
  4. Snack
  5. Solitaire

Android offline games 

  • Hill climb racing

Hill climb is video racing 2D game. One of the most downloaded game for offline experience. The size of game is 59 MBs, so game will not cover huge storage space. The objective of game is to drive as long as possible for player. Collecting coins refueling the car is also included in game.

Hill climb racing was released around 2012 by fingersoft. The game is available for IOS users also.

  • Word find

Word game is fun game which entertains you. It is a kind of exercise for mind too. The game has 500 hundred levels. So every next level is challenging for player. If you play word game regularly. You will see improvements in your vocabulary & spelling. 

  • Plague

This is really full of fun. The game is all about to spread diseases in world. Infect more and more people by different disease.

Initially plague game released for IOS, around 2012. Then the game became available for android users also. Both offline and online version of plague game is available.

  • Sniper 3d

The multi-player game, sniper is available for online and offline game play. Sniper 3D was released in the end of 2014 by fun games. This game is available for android and IOS users.

Have fun with sniper fps (first person shooter) game anytime and anywhere. The game is fully free at no cost to user. So download the game and show your aim in world of multi-player first person shooter game.  

  • Hungry shark evolution

The hungry shark is a free game. Initially game was released around 2012. The game can be played on android, ios, and Microsoft windows.

The objective of game is to survive as more as possible. Survival depends on to eat anything and anyone who comes in your way.

You can unlock more hungry sharks by spending more time in game and collecting more coins from game.

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Although we can find lots of free offline and online games in android play store. But it is hard to find free and interesting offline game. Therefore I have listed for game lovers some free offline games. That you can play in your free time. Decrease your stress and fresh up your mind through games.

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