Best Bollywood movies

Bollywood is known as Hindi film industry. The Bollywood or Hindi film industry is popular due to its movies. Like other film industries of world it has its own character and film making method. The Bollywood film industry began in 1930s. Got popularity over several years. Started making films from era of 1900s, and still presenting movies worldwide.

Bollywood film industry has surpassed film industries like Hollywood, cinema of china, cinema of japan, South Korean cinema and many other film industries in world.  Dance and songs are the most important part of film. Although Bollywood industry presenting numerous films per year. But in this article I have detached some best Hollywood movies.

Jallaad movie

Bollywood presented jallaad drama movie in 1990s. The movie is full of action but if you are not interested in action movies. Watch this movie for the best acting of its character. Jallaad movie is about a police officer who is seeking for the real truth of his ancestry.

Aashiqui 1990s

Best Bollywood movies

Aashiqui the Bollywood`s movie of 1990s. This drama movie is based on romance. All songs of this movie got hit. Where in 2013 the part 2 of aashiqui movie was released. Both has similar story type. When a small singer trying to get popularity but instead his girlfriend becomes a fame model.

Pk movie

Best Bollywood movies

Pk is a hindi movie. Here in this film Amir Khan Indian’s super star acts as innocent alien. The alien lands in earth but loses his communication device. He facing different kind of problems because he is not familiar to earth. Date of release 2013, Director Rajkumar hirani.

MR India movie    

Best Bollywood movies

Released in 1987.

Movie type: Action/ musical movie.

Director: shekhar kapur.

Arun who then becomes famous as MR. india caring orphan children. Where mogambo who is a criminal and has the idea to conquer india. Arun`s father`s friend introduce a device to arun which makes invisible. He use the device and becomes invisible. Now he can go against criminals.

Hukumat movie

Released 1987.

Movie type: action movie.

Director: Anil Sharma.

Movie focuses on a corrupt police officer, a wealthy business man and Arjun. The corrupt police officer always believes in dealing with criminals but Arjun don`t. Arjun is sent for a mission to a city which is controlled by business man illegally.

Qurbani movie

Bollywood`s action movie. Directed by feroz khan and released in 1980s. Here in this movie two best briends fall in love with the same woman. But they don`t aware of this fact.

Veer Zara movie

Veer Zara Bollywood`s movie which was released in 2004. Directed by Yash chopra. Veer zara one of the top bollywood romantic movie among all movies released in 2004. It became top one and got super hit in box office. The love story between veer (an Indian air force officer) and Zara ( a Pakistani beautiful girl)

Dhoom 2 movie

Date of release 2006. Director Sanjay Gadhvi. Characters, Harithik roshan, Uday chopra, Bipasha basu, Aishwarya rai, Abhi shek bachchan. Dhoom 2 is a thriller heist action movie. The ploy is ready to rob the most value able things. Watch it if you have interest in heist movie.


Here is the list of top sites. youtube, box, zee5, Bigflix. Visit any site and enjoy your favorite Bollywood movie. This was all about Bollywood movies. For top Hollywood movies visit our Home page or visit Top Hollywood movies.

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