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How to Rename a Downloaded File on An Android

In Android, how do you rename a downloaded file? Are you looking for a solution to this matter? If yes, then you’re at the right spot. It’s quite simple to rename your downloaded files on Android devices. There are several ways to rename a file. But the question that comes to mind is how to locate the downloaded files. 

In this tutorial, we will learn how to rename a file, whether it’s a downloaded video file or a downloaded audio file. The benefit of customizing files name is that we can locate them easily in the future. So follow the steps below to learn how to put a custom name on the files on Android devices.

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How to Rename a Downloaded File in Android Device?

In order to set a custom name for the downloaded files, first we have to locate the files on our device. How do I locate the file? Follow the steps below.

Let’s go.

Step one: On your Android device, find the file manager and open it. Don’t get confused if there is no document by this name. Maybe it’s named something else. like a file explorar.

Step two: Look at the list and find a document named “Downloads.”

rename a downloaded file

Step three: Tap to open the folder. All those files that you have downloaded are available in this folder. So to rename a file, just long-press on the file. Then you will see a pop-up screen with some options. Tap on the “rename option” from the list, and then insert the new name you want to give the file.

  • rename a downloaded file
  • rename a downloaded file

That’s it.

In addition, you can apply the same method to add a custom name to all files on your device, whether that’s an audio file or a video file. Simply apply the above method to rename.

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How To Rename a Downloaded Audio File?

Here is how to set a custom name on a downloaded audio file on an Android phone. Navigate to the file manager, find the “audio file” you want to rename, and then tap on the “file.” A pop-up screen will appear. Choose “Rename option” from the pop-up screen, and then type the new name in the box under the file.

How To Rename a Downloaded File in Vidmate?

Follow the steps below if you want to give the file you saved in the Vidmate app a name.

Navigate to the Vidmate app. Then, in the top right corner, click the arrow sign. Now all the files that you have downloaded are available there. There is a three-dot horizontal line in front of each file. Click on the 3-dot line. You will see a pop-up screen with some options. Click on the “rename” option, then enter the new name. That’s it.

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