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How to lock Facebook profile

How to lock Facebook profile. Step towards more security on Facebook by locking your profile from visitors. This features allows to prevent non friend visitors on profile. After locking the profile only people on your friend list can see your post, stories and public activity.

When you lock your profile. It disables those user who are not in your friend list to visit your profile. They cant see the full size of your profile and they can`t react to content available in your profile.

How to lock profile picture

Follow the following steps and lock your social account simply.

Step #1> Access to facebook by it`s official application.

Step #2> Navigate to your profile.

Step #3> A three dot vertical line can be seen below profile. Click or tap on it.

Step #4> A drop down menu will appear. Select lock, from menu.

This is the method to lock profile on mobile phones. Turn on this feature to prevent unknown users from your profile easily. Blocking profile will not put any affect to your account. People still can sent you friend requests.

How to lock Facebook profile on desktop

On desktop we can`t use same method because we don`t have access to same options in facebook profile on desktop. But we have an other option.

Launch on your browser. Sign in to your account.

Now search in new window Https;//

You will see a mobile version of Facebook on your desktop. So now click on the 3dot icon and you will see a dropdown menu.

Select lock profile from menu and then confirm the process.


This was all about how to lock your profile on facebook. I think it is not too difficult. So after reading this article you may not have any kind of question. Visit our home page and find more related articles. Https://

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