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router and type of routers

introduction to types of router

There are numerous types of router, usually used at home, office, and in organizations, The internet providers usually used different types router to connect users with the internet connections. A wireless router is also called Wi-Fi router usually a cable is connected with the router that convert internet data packets into signals which is useable for user. More than 450 types of router from 28 brands are available. you can find out advanced type of routers in markets, your old router at home may be out of date so replace it with new one to be current with advance wireless.

router and type of routers

Types of router.

1: Edge routers

A boundary router, the edge router is also known as a boundary router. The reason why it is known as edge router, because it is dug out in the boundary of a network. That enables the internal network to access to external network. Transfer data into both network local area network (LAN) and wide area network (LAN). Edge router can be wired or can be wireless.

Wireless router.

A hardware device that connects with interne cable accepts data packets and convert it into signals. Mostly used in homes, offices, organizations. All the devices can connect to the wireless wi-fi router those are in the range, we can give security to routers inserting user id and password. When we attempt to join the router, it will require a watchword and user id. User id and watchword come along with the device. Because of ammunition, no info about the user will damage. When we inspect public places, we can detect that a Wi-Fi fenestella will brace up to use the internet on your phone, and you can detect that it is secure with a watchword.

Wired routers

Wired router is easy to understand, its name shows its specification. This router mostly uses in small organizations, such as offices, home, and etc. we determine that a system is associates to the internet adopting an Ethernet cable. And it’s known as wire router. It has a disjoined Wi-Fi access point, suppose a user need to connect to the phone, at that instant they can use VOIP.

Core router

Core routers serve in to the internet back bone. It support different telecommunication alliance of the apical acceleration usage in the core internet. core router can ahead IP parcels to an adequate speed to all of them. It supports the obligation that habituates in the core. That will circulate the internet data parcel within the network. However core may not circulate internet data parcels among networks.

Virtual routers.

This is the absence for a computer distributing network. It duties as per the constructive router overabundance protocol. It turn into operative while the central or elementary router break down or turn into infirmed. This catch numerous routers in an association so that they can distribute a virtual IP address. It has a ruler for every association that controls IP parcels. If the rulers break down during forwarding parcels, then rest of the routers will take the position.

Advantages of the routers

Following are the advantages of the routers.

    1: because of destruction countenance, network service may be knock off.

2: cause of re adjusting domains, network service may be knock off.

3: It offers a MAC address and IP address that may select the best route across a network.

4: Accessible to attach to the wired or wireless network.

5: Eminently accomplished with a watchword.

6: No fall of data.

7: It can connect to particular network architecture such as Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, WLAN.

8: The wireless routers are accessible to connect internet to pc or smartphones. 

9: No obligation to fear about an assortment of wires.

Final lines

This article was about routers. We find out that routers are hardware, This hardware system connects to internet through a wire. It performs to calculate the data, read the data, and change the internet packets into signals. We have learned all about routers, and I hope that this article was useful to you.

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