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What does computer mean

computer is an electronic device that process data into information. the process of data is based on the instruction provided by software and hardware. Computer has the ability to accept the data by user, then process the data into information according to input. We can store the data in computer for a while and whenever you need the data you call it back to use it.

Now a days computers are using for the verity of purposes for browsing the web, playing games, documents writing, videos editing, making presentations, and for many other purposes people use it in their daily lives. Computers are uses to run applications and provide a different type of solutions by combining integrate software and hardware.

PC explanation

The earliest digital device that might be outlined because first fashionable laptop is that the Colossus. In built 1943-44, the Colossus was devised to crack the Konrad Lorenz SZ 40/42, a German coding machine accustomed support military communications throughout war 2, the device used two 400 vacuum tubes to perform multiple Boolean logical operations to rewrite encrypted information.

Modern computers are available all shapes and sizes to perform a board vary of various functions. Though the primary ones that return to mind square measure desktop and portable computer computers, several different less –assuming devices –like grocery scanners, ATMs, and good TVs—square measure computers further more.

The diffusion of smartphones, game consoles, wearables,

And good appliances created computers rather more pronto obtainable in our way of life. A laptop creates from multiple components and parts that facilitate user practicality. A laptop has to primary 2primray categories would like change.


simply we can say those parts of computer as hardware which we can touch them, such as key board, screen, mouse, and other parts of computer that is touchable.

Mouse: microphones, mouse, and the keyboard are the devices using for data to input them in computer to process it. The part of computer where we store data is hard disk.

Speaker is out put device, Through speaker the data changes into audio form and by monitor in video form.

Processor (CPU)

We can say a machine that process something, the part of computer which perform calculation that run a computer. The main job of processor is to receive input and give output. Processor can perform millions of calculations per second.


The mother board is the circuit board of computer that connect different parts together, mother board is consist of chips and controllers. New mother boards are consist of new chipsets by the way we can not use them in old ones.

Memory (RAM)

Ram stands for random memory access, ram can only read the memory it does not have the ability to save data, it can save memory until the computer is working. Computer memory is consist of two basic memory they are primary memory and secondary memory,

Storage device

This is a hardware part of computer, In this part of computer we can save data for permanent basis. There are many kind of storage devices where people can save data such as memory card, USB, hard disk drive.

Power supply unit (PSU)

Power supply unite is a piece of hardware which supplies current continuously to mother board and other part of computer.

that’s pretty self-explanatory too: while not power, no device will work.


All components of a laptop that don’t seem to be strictly physical, like knowledge, programs, applications, protocols, etc., ar broadly speaking outlined as “software.” though code has no material kindit’s no less essential to receive info, encode, store and method it.


This was all about computer, You have learned about components of computer and their work. keep visiting the website to learn more about technology. If you have any opinion about this article you can tell us in comment box.

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