Download macOS Ventura VMDK File

Download the macOS Ventura VMDK File. In our previous articles, we showed you the direct links to download macOS Ventura ISO image and to download macOS Ventura DMG File. But here in this guide, today we will show you the direct links to download macOS Ventura VMDK file. So if this is what you were looking for, then look no further because you have found the best guide related to this title.

Compatible mac’s for macOS Ventura

  • iMac (2017 and later)
  • iMac Pro (2017)
  • Mac Pro (2019 and later)
  • Mac Mini (2018 and later)
  • Mac Studio (2022)
  • MacBook Pro (2017 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2018 and later)
  • MacBook (2017 and later)

MacOS Ventura’s features

There are some of the most amazing features available in macOS Ventura. One of them is Stage Manager this feature will gather all your open files on the left side of your screen. Except for the one you are working on in the middle. Stage Manager may be straight engaged from the Control Center which will allow you to fully focus on your work.

Another amazing feature is macOS Ventura is Passkeys Apple has introduced Passkeys instead of passwords. Now you could use Passkeys instead of passwords on any website to log in to it. According to Apple Passkeys are far more secure than passwords. Having Passkeys means that nobody can steal your password while data breach online. With Passkeys you could log in to any website using Touch ID or Face ID. Passkeys are end-to-end encrypted and are saved in your iCloud keychains. And you could use it on your iPhone or any other iCloud device.

Another one is Shared tabs in Safari browser, now you could share any tabs in a group which will allow your friends or family members to see what tabs you are using in real-time. You could share tabs in a group with your friends or family members visible from the Safari menu bar. Safari also supports passkeys which allow you password-free sign-in on a variety of websites.

What is a VMDK File?

There are two formats of Virtual Machine Disk File: the fixed-size format and the sparse-delta format. The sparse-delta format is far more efficient and better than the fixed-size delta. It also has a higher memory, a VMDK file is made up of several other files that are stored inside an OVA file. The OVA file is compressed then and placed in a RAR archive. Virtual Machine disk file are used by Virtual Machine to store their disk image.  The VMDK file extension can be used for all types of Virtual Machine disks.

So if you want to run VirtualBox or VMware on macOS, so we will need to download macOS Ventura’s VMDK file. The download links are given you could download it from there.

Download macOS Ventura VMDK File

This section is all about downloading macOS Ventura’ s VMDK File. As Apple released the second latest macOS called macOS 13 or Ventura. If you want to test out the operating system then you have to install a Virtual Machine on your device. To test out the new features and could enjoy using macOS Ventura on your PC.

The most two popular Virtual Machines are VirtualBox or VMware. You could use any of it to install macOS Ventura on your PC. You install them from their own websites and after installing you could create your Virtual Machine for macOS Ventura on your PC.

Note: The maximum size of this files are 25.65 GB.


Download macOS Ventura VMDK for Virtualbox

Download macOS Ventura VMDK for VMWare


In this article, we showed you the direct links to download macOS Ventura VMDK file. I hope this article helped you and gave you for what you were looking for. I hope you will not face any kind of problem. But still if you had any type of question or suggestion then do tell us in the comment section.


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