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The 10 Best Restaurants in Quetta – A Guide For Fodies

Quetta city is not only famous for its natural beauty, history, tradition but also known for its food. From indigenous food to international food, the city is not short of anything for tourists. If you’re looking to visit Quetta, than this article, may help you to discover the best restaurants in the Quetta city.

Our guide to the best restaurants and their services will help everyone who visits the city for the first time. In this post we will discuss the most popular resaurants of this city and also the meals they offer.

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1 Usmania Restaurants

Usmania restaurants is well-known restaurant in Quetta city. This restaurant is located in the center of the city. The usmania restaurant is serving more then a decades, known for its cozy ambiance, delicious food, and excellent customer service.

Let me tell you about the wide rage of dishes that the Restaurants offers, a wide range of Pakistani cuisine, such biryani, karahi and other BBQ items. The every item of the food prepared under the supervision of the chief to ensure that the each dish is flavorful.

However, you can consider the Usmania Restaurant as one of the best restaurants in the city, with keeping in mind the services, the ambiance envirment, and the welcoming.

2 KFC Quetta: A Popular Fast Food Chain

On the contrary to usmania restaurant the KFC is popular for its fast-food chain. KFC has many branches, spread across the country, the KFC branch in Quetta is located on Jinnah Road. The restaurant is designed according to modern requirements.

KFC restaurant is famous for its delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere. Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of its popular dishes that attracts locals and other visitors alike. In addition, KFC offers a wide range of food menus for customers including a children’s menu. Overall, The KFC offers Relaxed atmosphere, family friendly atmosphere, and excellent attitude of the staff.

3 Lehri Sajji House

The Lehri Sajji House is one of the oldest restaurant in Quetta, serving customers since 1974. The Sajji house is popular for its for its testy dishesh, especially for sajji and traditional dishesh. Besides that, the restaurant staff cares for every customer, and the quality of the food that they offer.

In addition, the envirnment in the sajji house is very satisfying, therefore, this Restaurant is one of the favrite restaurants for the locals and the tourists alike. Overall, the Sajji Restaurant is one of the must visit restaurants for those who visits Quetta and those who wants to try traditional Balochi dishes.

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4 Gulshan Karahi

Gulshan Karahi is not only a popular Restaurant in Quetta, but also in other cities of the country. The major reason of its popularity is its Karahi, which is avialable for the customers in variety of meat options, including chicken, beef, and mutton.

Gulshan Karahi is located on Jinnah Road in the heart of the city, offering a variety of tasty dishes in a warm and welcoming environment. The restaurant has received a variety of positive reviews from customers, making the restaurant a must-see for other visitors and locals alike.

5 Cafe China

If you are interested in enjoying Chinese cuisine with your friends and family in an ambient environment, then Cafe China is a must-visit Restaurant for you. Cafe China Located in Quetta, this restaurant is famous for its Chinese dishes and friendly and attentive staff. Which provide the best services to the customers.

The chines dishesh that you can taste in the Restaurants are, sour chicken, stir-fried noodles, and spring rolls, fried rice and tofu dishes.

6 Cafe Zameer

According to my research, the Cafe Zammer is a popular restaurant and family spot for locals and visitors. The Resaurant is providing perfect dinning and welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Cafe Zamar is known for its Pakistani cuisine. Like biryani, karahi and BBQ, especially known for chicken tikka.

7 Shalimar Restaurant

As like Sajji house, the Shalimar Restaurant also got popularity due to its Balochi dishes and its traditional ambiance, decorated with Balochi carpets and rugs on the wall. Dishes including Balochi Tikka, Sajji and lamb roast offers by Restaurant. Additionally, this restaurant is also known for its unique dessert called Sher Kharma.

8 Khalifa Restaurant

Khalifa Restaurant is one of the oldest Restaurant in Quetta city. The Restaurant is serving Pakistani food for over three decades. Khalifa Restaurant is well-known for its beef nihari and offers variety of other dishes as well, including Biryani, Karahi, and Haleem.

9 Hazara Restaurant

In the list of best restaurant of Quetta, Hazara Restaurant is also one. The Hazara Restaurant is popular for its greater, and welcoming ambiance. The foods that this Restaurant offers are Kabuli Pulao, Afghan Tikka, and Mantu. If you’re interested to do something new in Quetta, then must visit Hazara Restaurant.

10 Ziarat Residency

One of the best places to dine with that special someone, Ziarat Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in the city, offering a variety of cuisines in a relaxed atmosphere, making it the perfect place to dine with friends and family. The specialty of this hotel is its extensive cuisine.

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