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In this article, you will learn the procedure for how to check coins in the Snack Video application.

Snackvideo is an application that allows its users to share their feelings and experiences through uploading short videos. People from all over the world share videos in the Snackvideo App. Those users who share videos are known as “creators.”

Additionally, the app offers its creators the opportunity to earn money from the application through their videos. But there are terms and conditions that every creator should follow if they want to earn money through their app. When it comes to earning money, everyone gets excited. However, the app deosn’t pay directly. The creators who compiled the criteria will be compensated in coins, which will be converted into dollars. 

Approximately 100 coins are equal to one dollar. Where and how to check the number of coins in Snackvideo. Go through the procedure below to check how many coins you have in your Snack app account.

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How To Check Coins In Snack Video App?

The procedure for checking the coins in your account is outlined below. So one-by-one, follow all the steps.

1. Navigate to the Snack application on your mobile phone.

Snack video profile

2. Tap on your profile. Then tap on the three-dot vertical line.

snack video profile settings

3. Now, from the menu that appears, tap on the settings.

snack video profile setting options

4. Then tap on the wallet.

check coins in snack video

4. Once you tap on the wallet, you will see a red box, and above the red box are some categories. Every category above the red box indicates the amount of your earnings.

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1. Diamond

Diamonds are gifts that your followers send you while you go live.

2. Live Revenue

Live revenue is another way of earning money through going live or watching other users’ live videos.

3. Cash

Through the cash option, you can withdraw your earnings. Every 24 hours, you can withdraw money from Snack Video.

4. Creater Rewards

When your videos go viral, those videos will be selected for creator rewards. Snack pay for your viral videos, but the amount of money depends on the number of views that your video gains.


You may check your current balance using Spotlight.

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